Older Generation, The Newer Generation

Sat. 08 27 11

I talked this week with people here in Washington State and could not believe what I heard, it seems that this newer Generation believes that Privatizing of public State Parks and Land is a good idea, I don’t think that they really under stand what could happen years to come, because they say that the state does not put any money in to it so they need to do some thing to keep them from closing them. Well I have to agree on that they don’t take care of them, but they don’t take care of any thing they have, just look around and you will see that in a lot of thing they have control of, I look at it this way, where is the money going that people pay in taxes, and why do they keep buying more land if they are not going to support it.

See there is another part of this, they are Discriminating against people who can not afford TEN or THIRTY DOLLARS (now what will it be, lets say in FIVE YEARS, it will be just like taxes, you know they can not rest at what it is, they will want more), to visit their local park that they use to go to for a picnic on hot days in the summer just to get out, it has gotten to the point that you can’t find a nice quiet little shaded park any more that is SAFE even with the Security that is there, and even if you go to a park that you pay to get into they are not safe, WHY NOT. And now parks that don’t charge are now so over crowded you can not get into them, Thanks you YUPPIE Morrons of Olympia.

About half the people though that it was wrong because they never had a chance to vote on it, so what is wrong here, it has gotten so that the Governments thinks that they are GOD and their word is law and people who it affects get no say, so who gave Government this much control, The Newer Generation, better known as YUPPIES, RICH, AND ENVIRONMENTALIST, and the reason for this is because of things that are more important to their wants and got to have.

Traveling through some of these small Cities, I saw some thing that these bigger Cities don’t have, and that is PRIDE, they are more interested in finding a way of imposing or collecting  a tax, even though they are down  just like everywhere else these towns still take PRIDE in their Towns and keep them UP.

Really look at all these schools that are being abandoned every year of neglect, that keep getting bonds passed for maintenance that is never performed, WHY, every time you hear a bond getting passed I hear of Teachers going on strike and getting bigger wage packages, and more teachers hired, BUT NO MAINTENANCE DONE, NOW, what does that have to do with the bond that was passed for Maintenance(you figure it out), WELL it is time for Governments and Schools to be held accountable for the runaway cost and Education, and put Public money back into Public School, NOT PRIVATE, because Private School are usually TAX EXEMPT, and don’t support public Schools. How much Property out there today is EXEMPT FROM TAXES that should be PAYING, like Churches that run as a Business, or OWN PROPERTIES that rents to Businesses, and this should be classified as TAX EVASION or FRAUD, and any one who knows or supports it should be PROSECUTED for TAX EVASION as an accessory after the fact because they are aware it is happening, they sure would on any one else.

With all the laws that are on the books why are they not enforcing them on them selves, you might ask why, well if you as an American, and you write a bad check with insufficient funds, you can be charged twice the amount of every check that does not have the funds. NOW why are the American people letting Governments continually write checks on money that they know they don’t have. I believe this is because that YUPPIES to-day they were given every thing they wanted, so now they think money grows on trees (better known as, money is no object).

[Yuppies is the short-term for Young Urban Professionals or Young Upwardly Mobile Urban Professionals (as some authors contend) . The term Yuppies refers to people who are generally between the ages of their late twenties to mid-thirties (don’t for get the older wannabes), usually employed in a professional job, often living in an urban setting. Yuppies tend to earn in the upper middle class income range at an early age.

Yuppies tend to be conservative and focus on making money to fuel a life style that is filled with expensive “toys” such as cars, kitchen gadgetry, hobby equipment, the latest electronic anything, and other luxury items. Yuppie, depending upon who uses the term, is viewed as either a positive or a negative term.

People who equate with the demographics and the lifestyle tend to be comfortable with the term. Yuppies are not that happy with other meanings the term, Yuppie,  has come to represent: people who buy items just because they are expensive; people who pay less attention to family life and place more emphasis on “showing off new toys” while entertaining friends, and working more, to the neglect  of other priorities, to make even more money (don’t for get the older wannabes).]

Today governments are trying to fund every thing that comes along, like Private Schools not public, Colleges, I thought all that money you pay to get in every year was to fund them, where is all this money going if the States and Federal are funding them plus tuitions that keep going up every year, SOME THING does not look right, are the American people getting ripped off with this Education system today, and what else are the American people paying for that they don’t know about.

The American people are going to have to hold the Governments ACCOUNTABLE for their ACTIONS, they you if you spend money that you don’t have so why not them being held to the same standards, see they don’t care because it is not their money that they are spending, no you can say all you want about them paying taxes, do you think they got all their money by paying all their taxes and not getting breaks every where they go?

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