The Eve Of Our Destruction

By Bob L.                       Start Saying NO to every thing and MEAN IT!!!!!

If the truth hurts tough, I am not a fan of Yuppy wants
that take away from people who need!!!

Have you ever noticed how things happen, and they say it is for a reason, then there are people make things happen for a reason, and that reason is ME, MYSELF, and I (more money or profit), better known as the HELL with any one else, and you really see this when you drive around this country, they are building Accident Circles, tearing up roads and take property to put Gardens and trees in the center where to get to a business, you have to go to the next intersection and make a U-turn and go back to the business you want to go to, and by doing this it wears out your tires faster and uses more fuel, then if you can’t make the turn in one pass you have to watch out for cars behind you turning or wanting to also make a U-turn, and they don’t maintain them, then if they do maintain them they hire more Government workers, which takes more money that they don’t have, instead of turning it over to a private contractor to produce a tax base to pay for what YUPPIES just got to have, then you have to consider the gas burned when they block off lanes to take care of them these center and shoulder gardens.

People go out and buy a house and know that there is an airport, a highway, a race track, and a river that floods every year, then there are these Pinheads that say the sky is falling even though it can’t be a proven fact, but yet Knuckleheads believe it and go running around acting like idiots thinking that they have to do some thing about it now no matter what the cost.

Right now the Destruction is coming at the cast of jobs (what is it 9 1/2% or is it now 10 % or more, see they are not counting people who have run out of unemployment, so it could be 15 to 25%), but the people caught up in them selves don’t give a hoot as long as it does not affect them, so that means that they have a job, or they are living off of Government money (WELFARE and FOODSTAMPS), and could care less about what happens to any one else, and with this attitude it is affecting the world.

Lets take a look at some of these cost overruns that the TAXPAYER is having to foot the bill for, the best one is every year Rivers over flow, and how many time have the same people gone back to the Government, Federal, State, and County to get reimburse for damages, then we have people who buy a home around an Airport and want them to move it or buy their home back, or Race Track and then tell them to move it, Now we come to Highways, people look at home along busy roadways, then they BUY THEM knowing and seeing the noise problem, then turn right around and buy the homes, then have the nerve to complain about the noise, so now they want a wall put up to stop the noise, or get laws passed against trucks.

(Noise berriers) When this is done who is really paying for it, are they making the home owner pay for it like they do when a City or County (called a LID), does the work in front of the property owners property make them pay the bill for footage cost in front of their property.

And you all want to know why we are in self destruct, this is why and it seem that people don’t care because it does not affect them, (yes but it does) Higher Food, Gas, Cars, Homes, Vacations, heating, Water, Wages (for some it is greed), Rent, Transportation (Busses, Taxis), Utilities (heating oil and gas, electricity) all add to higher Prices, and Taxes.

Now if you are RICH, ENVIRONMENTALIST, OR A YUPPY who lobby to get what you want, then just keep it up and you will see self-destruction first hand, see you are not paying enough in taxes to pay for what you are asking for, and if you keep asking and not pay for it, this Country will be gone and you will want to know where it went, then who do you blame, well lets start with you, then go to the Government for not having the brains to say NO, ENOUGH is ENOUGH, but you see people who go to COLLEGE are the dumbest there is, because they don’t know the STREET, they think the BOOK is SMARTER then Street smarts.

You don’t see in the BOOK when and how a flood is going to act and its destruction, and this has to do with Engineering and Planer, you don’t allow buildings to be built on flood plains, and the BOOK does not tell you how people are going to act on buying a home, this is ENGINEERING and PLANNING, and if you look around you, you can see that they don’t know what their Education taught them other than get good pay to be STUPID and DUMB, sure there some good ENGINEERS and know what to do, but they don’t throughly plan it out, if they did we would not have all this cost over runs and they would hold a contract to what they bid and hold them responsible for mistakes, and over runs, then we hold Engineering and Governments for putting a time limit on work to be performed, when this is done, then accidents happen and the work is so so and not safe. And if a Contractor says they can do it in SIX MONTH, then any time after that is on the Contractor, and a Contractor should not get an award for finishing early, this says there were some corner cut on the job, the bid is what they get paid.

What goes on in the industry is pasted and not inspected, some Inspectors walk in the door sign the paper and walk back and never look at the work, because I saw this on Some jobs where there was a bottle of JIM BEAM or JACK DANIEL’S in a corner where work was suppose to be inspected and was not.

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