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The Eve Of Our Destruction

By Bob L.                       Start Saying NO to every thing and MEAN IT!!!!!

If the truth hurts tough, I am not a fan of Yuppy wants
that take away from people who need!!!

Have you ever noticed how things happen, and they say it is for a reason, then there are people make things happen for a reason, and that reason is ME, MYSELF, and I (more money or profit), better known as the HELL with any one else, and you really see this when you drive around this country, they are building Accident Circles, tearing up roads and take property to put Gardens and trees in the center where to get to a business, you have to go to the next intersection and make a U-turn and go back to the business you want to go to, and by doing this it wears out your tires faster and uses more fuel, then if you can’t make the turn in one pass you have to watch out for cars behind you turning or wanting to also make a U-turn, and they don’t maintain them, then if they do maintain them they hire more Government workers, which takes more money that they don’t have, instead of turning it over to a private contractor to produce a tax base to pay for what YUPPIES just got to have, then you have to consider the gas burned when they block off lanes to take care of them these center and shoulder gardens.

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