Out Dated But Still True Today, If Not Worst!

By Bob L.

(Time 1973) These are pages from the past because people to what has happen in this country and why we are where we are today.

Over the years I have heard people whining about how we don’t do enough for the Foreign Countries, they say that we need to send more aid to the starving Countries when they have a disaster, but how many Foreign Countries have sent Aid to this Country when we have a disaster, and how many Countries have paid the U.S. back for money that they have borrowed from Us.Here is some thing that the American people should live by and stop whining about other Countries when they are in trouble, and remember this, “DO ON TO OTHER THAT THEY ARE DOING TO YOU”!!!!! Look around you, these videos can not put it any better, we are the bank for the world, not America, why do you think we are broke.

The Americans     http://youtu.be/hGJynE37Npg

[“The Americans” On June 5 1973, Canadian radio commentator Gordon Sinclair delivered a stirring, pro-American editorial. The United States had just pulled out of the Vietnam War which ended in a stalemate – a war fought daily on TV, over radio and in the press. The war had divided the American people, and at home and abroad it seemed everyone was lambasting the United States. Outraged by what he saw and heard that morning, in his noon-hour broadcast, Sinclair rose to the defense of the American people – and his voice was heard around the world.]

America First”   http://youtu.be/NDoYsBAyFb0

Where Did America Go    http://youtu.be/DgFlX3qUkU4

[Merle Haggard songs about the current conditions of the USA. Older citizens will understand this song, i believe, because of the radical changes in our society over the last 25 to 50 years, and certainly since the fall of 2008. For the younger generation, listen to the older generation, read about your history, the USA you know and live in today is not the country it once was.]

“A Workin’ Man Can’t Get Nowhere Today”   http://youtu.be/MFVu_3pyino

[While not a big hit for Merle during his prime (#16 in 1977), this song is just as relevant then as it is now.]

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Remember This One Because It Is True, because it has become a Country of whiners that want every thing now, and don’t care WHERE THE MONEY COMES FROM as long as they get what they want. (It a little late to have had enough, don’t you think)

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