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Condoms and Breast Pumps for All! Compliments of Obamacare

By Bob L.

Welcome to Obama’s Free enterprise, as time goes by you will be seeing just how much the American people and business is going to get one hell of a shaft on every thing that Obama has his hand in, so start carrying a can of grease with you, if not, it is going to hurt big time.


Jason MatteraBy Jason Mattera

Got milk?

If not, no worries. Barack Obama​ and his army of bureaucrats will ensure that there’s plenty to go around—of the human variety.

Thanks to ObamaCare, healthcare providers must cover “breastfeeding support, supplies, and counseling.” No joke!

In a list of guidelines released by the Department of Health & Human Services yesterday that govern what will be considered a “qualified health plan” under the new law, insurance companies are required to offer lactation services, among other things, free of charge. HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius defended Continue reading

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