Spending not paying your your BROKE

A Tale of Two Signs:  “Hiring Now!” or “Going Out of Business”?

By Wynton C. Hall

The 2012 equivalent of Ronald Reagan’s famous “Are you better off than you were four years ago?” will be:  “In your hometown, which do you see more of: ‘Hiring Now!’ signs or ‘Going Out of Business’ signs?”

Those trapped in the grip of the disastrous Obama economy already know the answer, and it terrifies David Axelord, David Plouffe, and President Barack Obama.  The presidential candidate who frames the debate this way will win. 


Because the sad and tragic economic facts are now undeniable, and they have absolutely nothing to do with ideology or party affiliation:

Every fifth man you pass on the sidewalk does not work.

Every seventh person you pass on the sidewalk is now on food stamps.

The average time an unemployed America remains out of work is now a jaw-dropping nine months (36 weeks).  The pre-Obama average: just three months (13 weeks).

The price for a gallon of gas has risen 104% from the time of Mr. Obama’s inauguration to today.

Unemployment has risen from 7.8% to 9.2% since Mr. Obama’s inauguration.

Incredibly, black Americans—who voted some 98% for Mr. Obama’s election—are now suffering their lowest levels of economic prosperity since the civil rights era of the 1960s; the black middle class is vanishing and setting back black economic gains at least a generation if not more.

Recent college graduates are now experiencing record unemployment—all but ensuring that their freshly minted skills will rust and grow stale as they struggle to find work.  In 2006 and 2007, 90% of all college graduates found a job.  In 2010, just 56% of college graduates were able to find a job.  

Mr. Obama has added more to the national debt than all U.S. presidents from George Washington to Ronald Reagan—combined. 

These facts will not change before Election Day.  Sadly, they are set in cement for the time being, as small business owners—the engines of job hiring—wisely refuse to expand hiring with so much fear and uncertainty in the air. 

And all this doesn’t even take into account the economic outlook once the 2,000+ pages of Obamacare take full effect.   Moreover, each week, businesses of all sizes learn of new and more onerous regulations being concocted by Mr. Obama’s administration.

Mr. Obama’s common rejoinder that the economic catastrophe before us is the result of his predecessor will not work.  Mr. Obama’s party, of which he is the head, had control of 100% of the U.S. government for his first two years in office.   Presently, Mr. Obama controls 66% of the government.  As Bill Clinton used to say, “That dog simply won’t hunt.”

The presidential contender who will prevail must present the economic fork in the road before the American people thusly:  In the last three decades, our great nation has undergone two economic experiments to solve similar economic difficulties.  

The first of these experiments was performed by President Ronald Reagan.  He let Americans keep more of the money they earned and helped small, medium, and large businesses hire more people by cutting red tape.  The result:  the greatest peacetime economic expansion in American history and a gain of 18 million new jobs.

The second economic experiment is the one we’re presently trapped in, performed by President Barack Obama.   He has spent more of your money than all U.S. presidents—combined, seized 17% of the U.S. economy with the introduction of Obamacare, and is in the process of raising taxes even higher.  The result:  16.2% of your neighbors can’t find enough work to make ends meet, food and gas prices are skyrocketing, and the country is broke and on the verge of total economic collapse.

In short, Mr. Reagan’s economic experiment created “Hiring Now!” signs.  Mr. Obama’s economic experiment has created “Going Out of Business” signs. 

The candidate who can clearly and plainly communicate this tale of two signs will be America’s next president.

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