Government Ponzi Scheme

By Bob L.

By My Czars With Out Your Permission Just Except It

Could not stop Laughing, especally the Comments. 
This shows you just who is running this Country, it’s NOT Obama.


Government Soliciting Contracts for Dubious CLASS Program

By Lachlan Markay

The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services is soliciting bids to promote the Community Living Assistance Services and Supports (CLASS) program, a controversial long-term care insurance program established by ObamaCare.

Two contracts are up for grabs: one to create a “strategic brand” for CLASS, the other to develop a CLASS “awareness campaign.”  The kicker:  The CLASS program has yet to be created, and there is considerable doubt that it ever will be.

The program is, as Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius put it, “totally unsustainable” due to inherent faults in the law.  President Obama​’s debt commission called for it to be repealed or radically reworked.  Senate Budget Chairman Kent Conrad (D.-N.D.) has dubbed it “a Ponzi scheme of the first order, the kind of thing that Bernie Madoff​ would have been proud of.”

Despite those concerns, Sebelius claims the law grants Health and Human Services (HHS) enough “administrative flexibility” to rework the program so it meets the law’s requirement that it be solvent over the next 75 years.  The department is not expected to roll out the CLASS program details until October, but already there is doubt as to whether some of the means by which it plans to restructure the statute are beyond the department’s authority.

Why then is HHS offering to pay contractors to sell a program to the public before it has even been formed, especially when the final product may either require changes the department is not authorized to make, or fail to meet the program’s 75-year solvency requirement?

The CLASS program is a voluntary, federally administered program designed to aid individuals should they need long-term care services.  Americans who pay in for at least five years can receive cash payments to help pay for services such as nursing home, assisted living, and other non-medical support. 

CLASS was conceived as a federally administered alternative to Medicare and Medicaid for the roughly 12 million Americans in need of long-term care.  The White House boasts on its website that “no taxpayer funds will be used to pay benefits” for the program, but in its current form, CLASS “would not meet the requirement that [it] be self-sustaining and not rely on taxpayer assistance,” Sebelius told the Senate Finance Committee in February.

That concern has spurred criticism from opponents of the President’s new health care law, who claim that CLASS was included as a means to game the Congressional Budget Office’s (CBO) deficit projections for the law.  “They were cobbling together everything they could possibly cobble together to come up with the money, so they could get CBO to score this as anything that didn’t cost anything over a 10-year period,” Sen. Bob Corker (R.-Tenn.) told HUMAN EVENTS recently.

Corker, and other critics of the program, noted that CLASS requires individuals pay into the system for five years before they begin to draw benefits.  Thus, over its first 10 years, the program is banking more premiums than it has to pay out.  But over time, as outlays increase, the program becomes unsustainable.

When contacted by The Heritage Foundation, an HHS spokesman insisted the department would be able to implement a solvent CLASS program.  Even though the administration has not published the details on the program, it is now soliciting contracts for two marketing efforts, which would be funded by taxpayers.

Neither solicitation lists the expected price tag of each contract, though the strategic branding contract uses funds appropriated for the $1 billion ObamaCare implementation fund authorized by the 2010 Health Care and Education Reconciliation Act.  HHS would not say how much it expected to pay out.

Sen. John Thune (R.-S.D.) summed up concerns about the contract solicitations by calling for “honest accounting of where the administration is in the implementation process of the CLASS Act, and why they continue to ignore all of the red flags raised about the massive new entitlement program that is being created.”

A spokesman for the department would not be specific about the measures under consideration, insisting that HHS “continues to examine a range of program design options available under the statute.”

Lachlan Markay is an investigative reporter for The Heritage Foundation�s Center for Media and Public Policy.                                       

// Readers Comments
    • Niniane1 day ago
              Typical Demoncrats. First they try to convince us that not buying insurance is engaging in commerce. Now they want to waste tax dollars hiring contractors to sell a product that does not exist and maybe even overturned by the courts once it does. Everything is pointing to the fact that these ideas come from  truly warped minds.     


    • globalcrap1 day ago
              Liberals think that money grows on trees that they just pick off the branches.  The trees branches are the working class who’s pockets they pick to fund a lot of these free handouts. 2012 will tell.     


    •         What we need is a new definition of “working class.” To globalcrap & me working class means those working in the private sector, or producers. When o-scumbo speaks of the working class he is referring to the 2.6+ million members of the federal workforce, beholden to big gov’t for a continued ride on the gravy train, producing nothing of value, or in other words, depleters. Truth in labeling they are the “dependent class.”     


    •         You are correct, we are just the little working man that O Bogus is destroying. His O b=Bogus government are socialist crooks feeding the useless.     


    • Genna21 day ago
              How do we know when the government is doing something we’re not going to like?  When it spends millions of tax dollars to convince us we will.  And it’s so reassuring to know that Obamacare provides liberal bureaucrats with “enough administrative flexibility” to make terrible legislation even worse – and undoubtedly more expensive.     


    • Indiola1 day ago
              Seriously, anyone still stupid enough to vote democRAT should be sodomized by alligators. Beaten with tire irons and fed to the hogs. Yeah, pigs eating pigs!     


    • Hominid1 day ago
              The Hominid warned you about this many moons ago – i.e., that Obie has billions already in hand to implement Obamacare – but so many of you ‘back porch lawyers’ and Constitutional ‘scholars’ insisted that the House ‘holds the purse strings’ and could defund Obamacare or stop it from becoming implemented and entrenched (right Adam the village idiot?).     


    •         Obama is trying to get rid of social security & medicare & make all the old folks buy up this SCAM that will never happen in their lifetime! I’m sure it’s quite costly, especially just getting off the ground, & the elderly are not allowed to get any benefits for at least 5 years…. Sounds Like Yet Another Obama Scam To Break The American People!


    •         Having a father in an assisted living facility, and also selling insurances as part of my business, I can tell you first off this is destined to crash and burn.

      Insurance is based on the law of large numbers, a concept that seems to have gotten lost in designing this health care bill. When the huge part of baby boomers (born 1957-1961) start needing care, the cost of that care is going to skyrocket and the outflows are going to far exceed the inflows. Not too mention that growing segment of society known as “takers” will somehow jerryrig the system so those that didn’t pay in will get something out of it too (look no further than Social Security if you need an example).

      Guess who will end up keeping this lead balloon afloat with their tax dollars? Look in the mirror. Custodial care (known as unskilled care such as changing diapers, lifting patients to and from beds and wheelchairs, feeding, bathing, etc.) currently costs about $5000 in my area (Pittsburgh). One can only imagine what it will be in the future.     


    •         You’re so right, Chris H. I sold health and disability insurance for years. It constantly amazes me how people believe insurance should pay for every pill or doctor’s visit.

      The original concept of insurance was developed by European shipping merchants who banded together and paid into a fund designed to help members recover losses if a ship full of goods was destroyed in a storm or plundered by pirates. It worked because everyone in the group paid into the fund and withdrew what was needed only when a disaster struck.

      Insurance was originally intended to help mitigate catastrophic losses. The idea of insurance to protect against catastrophes has been perverted to the point where people think, in order to be good, insurance should be free and should cover every dime of their medical expenses. Politicians exploit this expectation by demonizing “greedy” insurance companies for trying to make a profit. What Obamacare is forcing on us is not insurance, it’s an entitlement and it won’t be “free”. In fact, it will cost us a bundle and hasten the Federal government’s dissent into insolvency.     


    • globalcrap17 hours ago
              Looking at these liberal wo men , Pelosie, Sebelius, I can understand why they hate Republican woman .     


    •         Kathleen Sebelius, ugh     


    •         Here’s someone worse than Madoff. Read then forward this link to everyone you know, so they don’t get scammed: http://texsquixtarblog.blogspo…


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