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What are they waiting for, or are they going to Dump on US

By Bob L.

What are they waiting for, the right time to say you don’t know what is good for you so we are going to stuff it in your shorts if you are the American poor.

This Government does not care about the American people, no matter who they are in Washington DC, they only care about the wealthy and themselves to get all the things that the American people can’t get, no matter what they say.

The problem with this Government is that they hide every thing from the American people behind closed doors, what are they trying to hide and don’t want the American people know.

They could save a lot of money if they cut PROGRAMS that the rich benefit from, but they will never do that, there are a lot of programs that they have dumped millions into for years that have done nothing but make the rich, richer, just look at how much they have dumped into Pharmaceutical Companies that are making enormous Profits and still have not come up with cures, but they have come up with drugs that are very dangerous with the help of the Food and Drug of this country, look at the warnings on them, you take them you are taking a 50% chance of dying over time which is supposed to save you not kill you.

This will go on until they get every thing taken away from the American people, just like all the money they took for all these  bail outs, did the TAXPAYER get that money back, check it out and you will see that the Government got theirs back, but what was it for the Taxpayer in losses, well into the millions that will never be seen again while the ones who got the money will profit it. Who was it that said that the taxpayer would not see the return of their money, who got it, the Rich to put in THEIR POCKETS.



Fundraisers canceled for debt talks

By MATT NEGRIN | 07/25/11 7:11 AM

Obama cancels two fundraisers in Washington on Monday as the debt limit debate continues without an agreement …

Clinton tries to calm investors

By REID J. EPSTEIN | 07/25/11 6:28 AM

The secretary of state says Congress “will do the right thing and secure a deal on the debt ceiling” before the August 2 deadline …

Pelosi and Reid at the W.H.

By POLITICO STAFF | 07/25/11 6:09 AM

President Obama met with the Senate majority leader and the House minority leader of California at the White House …

Geither: Sunday progress needed

By POLITICO STAFF | 07/24/11 5:34 PM

Tim Geithner stresses the need to have some sort of significant progress by Sunday afternoon or risk destabilizing world markets …

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