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Americas Debt what do you Cut?

By Bob L.

Every day you see the same thing Debt, Jobs, Welfare, Social Security, medicare, Medicaid, but what don’t you hear, Government freezing or Cutting their pay, why have they not taken Automatic Annual Pay, why has that not been put that on the table, or how about ObamaCare, these are just some or the things that should be on the table, then you have all this PORK that has not been done and should be taken back from these states that used that money for other things then what is was for.

Look at Obamacare is that not under Medicaid on his Health Plain to Spread the wealth for the poor, or is that just Double Talk, or is it just saying what they think that people want to here.

I don’t think that they know how much problem they are causing by taking away things that Americans really need, people don’t need Turtle crossings, Duck crossings, Art museums, Performing Arts, that should be paid for by people who want it not the Taxpayer. This is where a lot of money is wasted because it is only for Special interest Groups who want some one else to pay for it, American need Cheaper Medical Coverage, Full Time Jobs that all can do, and less Tax Burden on the working class, not the wealthy.

If Medicare or Medicaid is cut they will have a problem like that will end up costing more in the long run, you ask like what, if a Senior or a child gets sick and it is contagious, how will you know if they can’t go to see a Doctor, who will pay for it if no one can afford Obamacare, or Independent insurance, even if they can they will not be able pay for what is left of the bill, so things will be the same if you did not have insurance.

No one in DC has said, now there are more people who have lost their pensions sense they have lost their jobs, or their Companies were sold but not with their retirerment, these will be the people who will have no income if our Government plays with Social security, PLUS when they retire will they not get full Social Security that they did not pay into.

These people who stand up their saying how smart they are, if they are as smart as they say they are then why are we in such a mess, they say if you go to College you will have good paying jobs, but they did not say you would have the brains to do the job, (they don’t) if you don’t belive me look at what is running this Country, they stand in front of a mic and say how well this Country is doing, then they turn around and say that they need your help to bail them out because they can’t pay the bills, and why, look at all the lobbyist and special interest camped out at their doors with their hand out for money. (better known as you scratch my back I scratch yours)Most Americans  never get to see this money that is handed out to all these people.


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