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It is Ashamed to see what the YUPPIES are doing to this Country and Teaching their KIDS

By Bob L.

United We Stand, Divided We Fall

Is This What This Country Has Become

These SPOILED kids of Yuppies (we can’t for get the environmentalist), that range from the time they can be taught to the age of thirty, that is when they grow up and find out that they have destroyed things for their kids, but the problem is, IT IS TO LATE, the damage is done to do any thing about it, if you don’t belive it, look around you and see what has happened to this Country today, NOW ask your self how did this happen, what went wrong, WELL, you asked, you wanted, and now you are going to pay, NOW HOW are you going to pay for what you had to have with A Country that can’t pay its bills because of what you had to have, and it had to only be the best.

In actuality the biggest problem lies with the Government, first by not saying no, second they think every one in America has a job, and third they passed a lot of laws that stopped kids from getting summer jobs, so what do these kids have to do,  “Mailbox blast leaves Parkland widow distraught”, there is a lot more going on than hits the news papers.

Reading the news today, Boarders book store closing all store, WHY, every one today wants a computer to read, not a book, Out Come, 10,700 let go PLUS jobs tied to what they do, but these people who just have to have all this fancy stuff, are one of the biggest cause of the job market going down hill, and we can’t for get the GREEDY, which is a Third and the Government is the last Third.


Mailbox blast leaves Parkland widow distraught!

An apparent act of post-Fourth of July vandalism has  taken a cherished memento from a Parkland widow: a mailbox made by her husband  who died last year.

Read the whole story!

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