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WHAT have we LEARNED from the PAST (Part 3)

By Bob L.

Years back we had slavery in this country, has any thing changed, you can’t prove it by what I see today, there is still slavery, but to-day it is not just the Colored, Mexicans, Native Americans, or Whites, it is every one who is not a Government Employee, or the rich, it is every one else who are the slaves.

Lets see there was Chinese, Blacks, Native Americans, Whites, lets look at it this way, any one who gets less than $50,000.00 can be classified as a slave, because each year their wages keep going down from taxes and higher prices and see no way of getting a raise, if they do they know that their job is in the process of disappearing.

The problem today, there are to many people out there that don’t want to stop race or racial profiling, any little hiccup they throw out the race card, or they are in there with both feet causing trouble giving every one a bad name, and until then it makes it hard for any one from getting a job, you go in with a chip on your shoulder, you go out with out a job.

 Is this what you want your kids doing not trusting any one, and is this how you want to see your kids?????

Every one has to work together and stop fighting and admit that all LEGAL American citizens have to live together or you will be the same as the EAST fighting each other, OVER WHAT, does any one really know, or is what is happening here in this Country, fighting over RACE, but there, RELIGION.

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