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WHAT have we LEARNED from the PAST (Part 1)

By Bob L.

What have we learned from our Government over the years, well they are doing the same thing that they did in the past, let greed run rampant while stopping small business from getting started.

Lets Look back to the big Great Depression in 1929 to 1940, are we going to repeat History in 2029, they say history repeats its self every 100 years.

How about the leed up to the Great Depression in 1920 to 1921, do they ever talk about this one, NO, and WHY not?


The Forgotten Depression of 1920
By Thomas E. Woods, Jr.

It is a cliché that if we do not study the past we are condemned to repeat it. Almost equally certain, however, is that if there are lessons to be learned from an historical episode, the political class will draw all the wrong ones — and often deliberately so.

Far from viewing the past as a potential source of wisdom and insight, political regimes have a habit of employing history as an ideological weapon, to be distorted and manipulated in the service of present-day ambitions. That’s what Winston Churchill meant when he described the history of the Soviet Union as “unpredictable.” Continue reading

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