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States cracks down on unemployment insurance fraud

By Bob L.

This article is really funny, when I moved to Ohio in 96, Washington State had passed a law that gave state workers full unemployment if they got cut back to 32 hours of work, and then these states talk about unemployment fraud, now who is behind this when Governments protect their own employes with unemployment, I don’t know about now, but if it is still on the books, I would call that state sanctioned unemployment fraud.



PROVIDENCE, R.I. (AP) — A nationwide crackdown is coming for people fraudulently drawing unemployment payments — those who were never eligible and workers who keep getting checks after they return to work — a $17 billion benefits swindle last year alone, say federal officials.

With the poor economy lingering and the jobless rate remaining high, Rhode Island and other states are stepping up efforts to stop the fraud and improper payments. Continue reading

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What You Want Is What You Get

By Bob L.
Minnesotans frustrated, angry over state government shutdown, how about any other state, even how about at the Federal level, well people you get what you want, but never in your wildest dreams of who is going to pay for all the things you want.

 Well Minnesotans are finding out who is paying for it, just like Californians are, so what next, flee the state and do the same thing all over again in another state, I want it, give me give me, got to have it, well our Federal Government is headed in the same direction, now where will you go, Canada, Mexico, Europe, China, Oh I for got you are all ready fleeing this Country for cheaper Taxes and Living Accommodations that you destroyed here.

What is the best way to put it, I guess the only way to put it is GET YOUR HEAD OUT OF YOUR ass and live on your own PAY CHECK not on the TAXPAYERS of this Country, put your foot down and STOP letting our Governments keep raising taxes so the RICH and the YUPPIES can get what they want.

Just drive around these Cities, Counties and States and look at the waste of tax payer money that could have been put to better use like, Health Care for all, PUBLIC EDUCATION, NOT PRIVATE, (how much taxpayer money goes to private schools that is taken away from public schools), ROAD REPAIRS, (not planting trees in the center of our roads that make it more dangerous to drive), GET RID OF TRAFFIC CIRCLES (wasted money) at intersections that are dangerous to motorist as well as fire and police that have to respond to emergencies (every second wasted is a life lost), go back East where you take your life in your hands at rush hour trying to enter one, it is like trying to get on a merry-go-round at 30 mph. this is all wasted taxpayers money for what, not for safety.

You can go on and on and see the waste of taxes because some YUPPIE just had to change some thing that worked good for years, but did not suit him, this also goes for City, County and State planners who don’t look to what can happen after they made their design of what they want to do, even though it is a waste of money, they don’t care, it is not their money, (BUT IT IS).

Tim Pawlenty slammed by liberal group for Minnesota shutdown
Put MOST of the blame where it really belongs, to the people who had to have it all and did not care from where the money would come from.


Minnesotans frustrated, angry over state government shutdown

By Todd Melby 
Sat, Jul 2, 2011

(Warning: Use of strong language in paragraph 3)

MINNEAPOLIS (Reuters) – Tara and Jose Garcia wanted to spend the holiday weekend camping with their four children. Continue reading

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