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Top 10 Examples of Government Stupidity

Top 10 Examples of Government Stupidity



Human Events

With Americans burdened with high taxes, one would hope that the government they pay for would at least be used efficiently and wisely.  These Top 10 Examples of Government Stupidity from around the country would suggest otherwise:

1.  Sensitivity training:  The Omaha, Neb., public school district spent $130,000 in federal Continue reading

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Government Ponzi Scheme

By Bob L.

By My Czars With Out Your Permission Just Except It

Could not stop Laughing, especally the Comments. 
This shows you just who is running this Country, it’s NOT Obama.


Government Soliciting Contracts for Dubious CLASS Program

By Lachlan Markay

The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services is soliciting bids to promote the Community Living Assistance Services and Supports (CLASS) program, a controversial long-term care insurance program established by ObamaCare.

Two contracts are up for grabs: one to create a “strategic brand” for CLASS, the other to develop a CLASS “awareness campaign.”  The kicker:  Continue reading

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Blank Check: Bush then Obama

By Bob L.

Taken from the article, Democrats did WHAT, NO, that was the Republicans who did that, WHO gave the President a BLANK CHECK, THE DEMOCRATS.

Here is the Whole Book and Social Security too.

 [Before he launched the war on Iraq, he got Democratic Sens. Tom Daschle​, Harry Reid, Hillary Clinton​, John Kerry, John Edwards and Chris Dodd to give him a blank check. As the Republican Establishment signed on to Clinton’s trade deals, the Democratic Establishment signed on to Bush’s war.]

Related article


What ‘Big Deals’ Did to America

By Patrick J. Buchanan

Thanks to Tea Party fanatics, we are told, America just lost an historic opportunity to deal with her national debt.

Because of Tea Party intransigence and threats against their own leader John Boehner, the speaker had to reject Obama’s “grand bargain,” Continue reading

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Spending not paying your your BROKE

A Tale of Two Signs:  “Hiring Now!” or “Going Out of Business”?

By Wynton C. Hall

The 2012 equivalent of Ronald Reagan’s famous “Are you better off than you were four years ago?” will be:  “In your hometown, which do you see more of: ‘Hiring Now!’ signs or ‘Going Out of Business’ signs?”

Those trapped in the grip of the disastrous Obama economy already know the answer, and it terrifies David Axelord, David Plouffe, and President Barack Obama.  The presidential candidate who frames the debate this way will win. 


Because the sad and tragic economic facts are now Continue reading

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Is default deadline truly Aug 2? Analysts say no


By Bob L

Has any Government agency in this Country ever been truthful to the American people, NO, they will tell you any thing so they can spend money on things that have nothing to do with operation of the City, State, or U.S., but it does line their pockets, didn’t we just see that in the bail out of the Rich so that they would not go broke and have to lay people off (what are we 9 1/2% going back to 10%), then turn around and Laugh at the American people while they were giving them selves a BIG BONUS and PAY RAISE.

How much are they going to give them selves when they get the debt ceiling raised, 10 – 15%, and then say they deserved it, or a rich Business a BIG LOAN.



By Rachelle Younglai

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – Will the sky fall on August 2 if the U.S. Congress fails to raise the debt ceiling?

Not likely, according to analysts, who say that even without the ability to borrow more money, the government could avoid a devastating default for another week or so. That raises the question of how urgently action is needed to increase the nation’s borrowing limit.

For weeks, President Barack Obama and Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner have stressed Continue reading

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What are they waiting for, or are they going to Dump on US

By Bob L.

What are they waiting for, the right time to say you don’t know what is good for you so we are going to stuff it in your shorts if you are the American poor.

This Government does not care about the American people, no matter who they are in Washington DC, they only care about the wealthy and themselves to get all the things that the American people can’t get, no matter what they say.

The problem with this Government is that they hide every thing from the American people behind closed doors, what are they trying to hide and don’t want the American people know.

They could save a lot of money if they cut PROGRAMS that the rich benefit from, but they will never do that, there are a lot of programs that they have dumped millions into for years that have done nothing but make the rich, richer, just look at how much they have dumped into Pharmaceutical Companies that are making enormous Profits and still have not come up with cures, but they have come up with drugs that are very dangerous with the help of the Food and Drug of this country, look at the warnings on them, you take them you are taking a 50% chance of dying over time which is supposed to save you not kill you.

This will go on until they get every thing taken away from the American people, just like all the money they took for all these  bail outs, did the TAXPAYER get that money back, check it out and you will see that the Government got theirs back, but what was it for the Taxpayer in losses, well into the millions that will never be seen again while the ones who got the money will profit it. Who was it that said that the taxpayer would not see the return of their money, who got it, the Rich to put in THEIR POCKETS.



Fundraisers canceled for debt talks

By MATT NEGRIN | 07/25/11 7:11 AM

Obama cancels two fundraisers in Washington on Monday as the debt limit debate continues without an agreement …

Clinton tries to calm investors

By REID J. EPSTEIN | 07/25/11 6:28 AM

The secretary of state says Congress “will do the right thing and secure a deal on the debt ceiling” before the August 2 deadline …

Pelosi and Reid at the W.H.

By POLITICO STAFF | 07/25/11 6:09 AM

President Obama met with the Senate majority leader and the House minority leader of California at the White House …

Geither: Sunday progress needed

By POLITICO STAFF | 07/24/11 5:34 PM

Tim Geithner stresses the need to have some sort of significant progress by Sunday afternoon or risk destabilizing world markets …

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Americas Debt what do you Cut?

By Bob L.

Every day you see the same thing Debt, Jobs, Welfare, Social Security, medicare, Medicaid, but what don’t you hear, Government freezing or Cutting their pay, why have they not taken Automatic Annual Pay, why has that not been put that on the table, or how about ObamaCare, these are just some or the things that should be on the table, then you have all this PORK that has not been done and should be taken back from these states that used that money for other things then what is was for.

Look at Obamacare is that not under Medicaid on his Health Plain to Spread the wealth for the poor, or is that just Double Talk, or is it just saying what they think that people want to here.

I don’t think that they know how much problem they are causing by taking away things that Americans really need, people don’t need Turtle crossings, Duck crossings, Art museums, Performing Arts, that should be paid for by people who want it not the Taxpayer. This is where a lot of money is wasted because it is only for Special interest Groups who want some one else to pay for it, American need Cheaper Medical Coverage, Full Time Jobs that all can do, and less Tax Burden on the working class, not the wealthy.

If Medicare or Medicaid is cut they will have a problem like that will end up costing more in the long run, you ask like what, if a Senior or a child gets sick and it is contagious, how will you know if they can’t go to see a Doctor, who will pay for it if no one can afford Obamacare, or Independent insurance, even if they can they will not be able pay for what is left of the bill, so things will be the same if you did not have insurance.

No one in DC has said, now there are more people who have lost their pensions sense they have lost their jobs, or their Companies were sold but not with their retirerment, these will be the people who will have no income if our Government plays with Social security, PLUS when they retire will they not get full Social Security that they did not pay into.

These people who stand up their saying how smart they are, if they are as smart as they say they are then why are we in such a mess, they say if you go to College you will have good paying jobs, but they did not say you would have the brains to do the job, (they don’t) if you don’t belive me look at what is running this Country, they stand in front of a mic and say how well this Country is doing, then they turn around and say that they need your help to bail them out because they can’t pay the bills, and why, look at all the lobbyist and special interest camped out at their doors with their hand out for money. (better known as you scratch my back I scratch yours)Most Americans  never get to see this money that is handed out to all these people.


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It is Ashamed to see what the YUPPIES are doing to this Country and Teaching their KIDS

By Bob L.

United We Stand, Divided We Fall

Is This What This Country Has Become

These SPOILED kids of Yuppies (we can’t for get the environmentalist), that range from the time they can be taught to the age of thirty, that is when they grow up and find out that they have destroyed things for their kids, but the problem is, IT IS TO LATE, the damage is done to do any thing about it, if you don’t belive it, look around you and see what has happened to this Country today, NOW ask your self how did this happen, what went wrong, WELL, you asked, you wanted, and now you are going to pay, NOW HOW are you going to pay for what you had to have with A Country that can’t pay its bills because of what you had to have, and it had to only be the best.

In actuality the biggest problem lies with the Government, first by not saying no, second they think every one in America has a job, and third they passed a lot of laws that stopped kids from getting summer jobs, so what do these kids have to do,  “Mailbox blast leaves Parkland widow distraught”, there is a lot more going on than hits the news papers.

Reading the news today, Boarders book store closing all store, WHY, every one today wants a computer to read, not a book, Out Come, 10,700 let go PLUS jobs tied to what they do, but these people who just have to have all this fancy stuff, are one of the biggest cause of the job market going down hill, and we can’t for get the GREEDY, which is a Third and the Government is the last Third.


Mailbox blast leaves Parkland widow distraught!

An apparent act of post-Fourth of July vandalism has  taken a cherished memento from a Parkland widow: a mailbox made by her husband  who died last year.

Read the whole story!

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Obama, top foe clash as US debt talks flare up

AFPBy Olivier Knox

Bush To Obama, Next a Depression

President Barack Obama clashed sharply with a top Republican foe as tense talks to avert a ruinous early August US debt default flared up amid grim warnings about the global consequences.

US central bank chief Ben Bernanke said a default would plunge the economy into “major crisis,” while ratings agency Moody’s warned the United States may lose its sterling triple-A debt rating on rising risks of a short-term default.

Default would “throw shockwaves through the entire global financial system,” and risk sending the fragile US economy into a new recession, the US Federal Reserve chairman told a key congressional committee. Continue reading

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Has this Country gone Brain Dead or just GREEDY

By Bob L.

Where Have America’s Jobs Gone?

What can we say other than this Country has gotten so greedy that pocket-book is more Important than JOBS.

What CEO, Board of Directors, or Company Owner has looked at their bottom line and see that their Business is slowly losing MONEY, IS any one out there smart enough to know why, if you know, then you are one of the few, and you are Educated on the Street not in College, and who goes to College, YUPPIES who want every thing and they don’t care what it cost, well look at where we are today because of money is no object.

GOING BANKRUPT, and no jobs to bail us OUT

They say if you want a good go to College and you will get a good job, well that might be true, but does that mean that mean that you know what to do when you get a job, if that was true then why is this Country going broke, Greed is the problem, they would rather line their pockets then keep people working.



provided by

By Justin Lahart and James R. Hagerty
By WSJ staff
Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Hiring at McDonald’s; Wireless Networks’ Job-Killing Effect; One Machine Doing The Work of Three

There are many reasons U.S. companies give for their lack of robust hiring—from weak consumer spending to uncertainty over the direction of government policies on debt and spending.

But a closer look at hiring Continue reading

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