Out of work for a while? Who do you BLAME

By Bob L.

This Government is sure helping get people back to work by letting companies discriminate against American worker.

How many people can say this country is not going down to foreign pressure with the help of out present Government, if you say that is not so then you are brainwashed to where you will never see the truth of what is going on.

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The Lookout

By Zachary Roth
The Lookout

It’s no secret that this country is enduring an unemployment crisis.

But what’s especially troubling about today’s jobless scene is that the United States is actually in the midst of a *long-term* unemployment crisis. Of the nearly 14 million Americans who are officially jobless, more than 6 million have been out of work for more than six months, the official definition of long-term unemployment.

The average spell of joblessness now lasts more than nine months–an all-time high since records began in 1948. And, amid fears of a double-dip recession, things aren’t likely to get much better any time soon.
Having so many people out of work for so long is disastrous–both for those who find themselves without a stable income, and for society at large. When people go for months or years without a job, their skills tend to atrophy, and they lose valuable connections to the working world.

They can also become discouraged: One study found that the amount of time people spend looking for a job decreases sharply the longer they’re unemployed. And, perhaps not surprisingly, they start sleeping later in the mornings. Meanwhile, the recent spate of Help Wanted ads bearing warnings like “Unemployed need not apply” suggests many companies are reluctant to hire the jobless, especially those who haven’t worked in a while. Small wonder, then, that many of the older workers now in the ranks of the long-term unemployed aren’t returning to the workforce at all.

It all makes for a bleak paradox: The longer you’ve been out of work, the harder it is to find it.

But statistics and studies only go so far in helping us to understand the struggles of the long-term unemployed.

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