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Out of work for a while? Who do you BLAME

By Bob L.

This Government is sure helping get people back to work by letting companies discriminate against American worker.

How many people can say this country is not going down to foreign pressure with the help of out present Government, if you say that is not so then you are brainwashed to where you will never see the truth of what is going on.

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The Lookout

By Zachary Roth
The Lookout

It’s no secret that this country is enduring an unemployment crisis.

But what’s especially troubling about today’s jobless scene is that the United States is actually in the midst of a *long-term* unemployment crisis. Of the nearly 14 million Americans who are officially jobless, more than 6 million have been out of work for more than six months, the official definition of long-term unemployment. Continue reading

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