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Why is Chronic Joblessness on the Rise?

By Bob L.

This will never be like it used to be untill our Governments stop raising taxes, and learn how to say no to all these yuppies that want all this fancy stuff that is not beneficial to creating full-time jobs not part-time or temporary, but as long as they keep spending taxpayer money on thing that are not needed, there will never be a job to keep people working, the way I feel is if it is some thing you want then you pay for it not the taxpayer.

Why do we need Schools that are spread out over Fifty Acres and costing Millions Dollars, or why are we building Post offices that here again cost millions, in all, these cases and more are bankrupting this Country, what is wrong with going back to building less appealing and more functional to get a better Education and keep more jobs, I keep forgetting yuppies want it all and the best, NO MATTER WHAT IT COST.



Posted by Roya Wolverson
Wednesday, June 8, 2011

The quip “don’t quit your day job” isn’t the insult it used to be. In this
economy, it’s the key to staying afloat.

Not only is joblessness on the rise again, Continue reading

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