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Sun is setting on rural post offices

By Bob L.

How many people are going to lose their jobs over the time that they close all these post offices to save money as they say, but lets look at what is costing the post office all this money, do they need to make a new stamp because some one wants a special stamp, and what is the cost of making a new stamp every month or two? or why are they spending so much money to sponsor things like bike riders, race cars, renovate their offices at millions, or what ever when they are in debt, but I guess throwing money at every thing else is more important than JOBS.

Sure ONE job is nothing, but lets say thirty post offices, there will be more than thirty, but this could mean Fifty or more Jobs, then when you think about the post office and delivery, it could be very real loss to people who need jobs today.

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By Kevin Murphy
Sat May 28 2011

FREEPORT, Kan (Reuters) – Six days a week, the small American flag flutters in the shade of a cottonwood tree outside the post office in Freeport, Kansas, population 5.

The flag, which means the post office is open, may come down for good later this year because Freeport is among about 2,000 postal outlets eyed for closure by the United States Postal Service. The vast majority are in small towns, officials said.

“When you lose a post office, you lose a little history,” said Carol Peterson, city treasurer and resident historian in Freeport. “We’ve been blessed with this post office for 126 years.” Continue reading

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