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Obama mocks Republican position on immigration

By Bob L.     This TWO Party system is nothing but little First graders, and the Democrats are the biggest whiners, they would rather tear down this Country then save it, then comes the Republicans, then comes the rest like the yuppies.

It would be nice if Obama would keep his damn mouth shut and get his ass back in D.C. where it belongs where his job is, and get back to getting this country back on its feet and less tearing down America, if he does not like it then send him back to Africa where he wants to be.

It is time to send this TWO Party system packing, this system is obsolete just like no one will lose their job because of COMPUTERS.



Tue May 10

EL PASO, Texas – In search of Hispanic votes and a long-shot immigration overhaul, President Barack Obama on Tuesday stood at the U.S.-Mexico border for the first time since winning the White House and declared it more secure than ever. He mocked Republican lawmakers for blocking immigration over border security alone, saying they won’t be happy until they get a moat with alligators along the border.

“They’ll never be satisfied,” he said.

Stymied by both chambers of Congress, the president ditched lawmakers in favor of voters who might pressure them, making an appeal to the public on a hot and dusty day far outside the beltway. He told a friendly El Paso, Texas, crowd that it’s up to them to tell Congress to pass legislation providing a pathway to citizenship for 11 million illegal immigrants.

The approach also allowed the president to make clear that it’s Republicans — not him — standing in the way of immigration legislation. As his re-election campaign approaches it’s a message he wants broadcast loud and clear to Latino voters who don’t like his administration’s heavy deportations and feel he never made good on his promise to prioritize immigration legislation during his first year in office. Continue reading

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