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Obama’s Scandalous War Against Domestic Oil

By Bob L.

And the truth keep coming out every day that Obama does not care about America and the American people, the way I see it he is like all the rest in Government, HOW MUCH THEY CAN MAKE WHILE IN OFFICE, and how many terms in office they can get away with.

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By  David Limbaugh

Do you remember the terrible things the left was saying about President George W. Bush when gas prices soared under his watch? Yet President Obama, whose policies and actions are actually contributing to rocketing gas prices today, gets the usual mainstream media pass.

Is it that the liberal media exempt Obama from accountability because they’re on his team in general? Is it because they think he’s blameless in the equation even though they sprang to the unfounded conclusion that Bush was culpable? Or could it be that they aren’t critical because they share his bias against conventional energy and believe the pain caused by his policies is necessary to move us toward alternative energy sources?

During Bush’s term, gas prices went down 9 percent, adjusted for inflation. Yet, preposterously, he was excoriated for allegedly colluding with “big oil” to drive up prices. When prices spiked later in his term, he took proactive steps to increase our supply and reduce prices, and they worked. But Obama has taken action to impede conventional energy sources and shove us into alternative ones. Even so, liberals ignore any possible causal links.

Obama told us he would bankrupt the coal industry. He’s pushing high-speed rail down our throats despite the lack of public demand for it and our inability to finance it. Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood said the administration intended to coerce us out of our cars. Energy Secretary Steven Chu said, “Somehow we have to figure out how to boost the price of gasoline to the levels in Europe.” Continue reading

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