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GOP voters in early states embrace a Trump bid

By Bob L.

(President Barack Obama has launched his re-election bid in a low-key manner). Any one who believes this is awful stupid, dumb, lacks a brain you name it you won’t be wrong, Obama has campaigned since he raised his hand in January of 2009, he does not care what is happening, he is more worried about 2012, if you have not noticed, he has spent more time in Air Force One then any other President, and we can’t forget his wife doing the same think in her Private plane, to think about what is happening other than getting to be a two term, I will leave this open to your comment.

WHO really is the President of this Country, Obama’s czars, his wife, the Democrats, or is there some one else that the American people don’t know about?? It can’t be Obama, he is very seldom there to see what is going on, like they say in court, if you did not hear it or see it direct at the time, it is not admissible, and can not be excepted as fact.


By CHARLES BABINGTON, Associated Press

WASHINGTON – Out with Sarah. In with The Donald.

President Barack Obama has launched his re-election bid in a low-key manner, but the Republican Party’s search for a challenger seems stranger by the day.

GOP celebrities like Sarah Palin aren’t getting much buzz. Mainstream candidates like Mitt Romney and Tim Pawlenty aren’t getting much traction. It’s people once considered highly unlikely to compete seriously for the party’s nomination who are creating big stirs in early voting states, a reflection of an unformed and uncertain GOP presidential field.

Republican activists in Iowa, New Hampshire and South Carolina appear deeply intrigued by, and open to, a run by Donald Trump, the publicity-loving business tycoon and host of NBC’s “The Apprentice,” even as he perpetuates falsehoods about Obama’s citizenship and questions the legitimacy of his presidency.

“I hear more and more people talking about Donald Trump,” said Glenn McCall, Republican Party chairman Continue reading

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