Pelosi says she’s ‘proud’ of Wisconsin Democrats who fled

Comment By Bob L.

This shows just what Democrats have become, Dictators like Hitler, and Castro, they don’t want to see this Country stay under one Government and Constitution, they are looking for a ONE WORLD CONTROL.

This is funny, the Democrats are complaining about the same thing that they were doing, now the shoe is on the other foot, and they don’t like it.

LOOK at it this way YOU ELECTED THEM TO CONTROL SPENDING, NOW GET RID OF THEM IF THEY WON’T DO THEIR JOB THAT THEY WERE ELECTED TO DO, no one said it was easy, and no one said you would make friends when you took office, this goes to every Government Agency, if they won’t do their Job, CAN THEM, BECAUSE THEY ARE NOTHING BUT COWARDS AND WILL NEVER DO THE RIGHT THING. If they are not there when it comes to the floor for a vote, go on without them, that is what they did in D.C., they went behind closed doors and voted with out the Republicans there, they even bribed the ones who were with the Republicans to vote with them.


By Russell Berman

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) said she supports the Democratic state senators in Wisconsin who left the state to stop a vote on curbing collective bargaining rights for unionized public employees.

After earlier voicing solidarity with the workers protesting against Gov. Scott Walker (R) in Wisconsin, Pelosi told The Hill she also stands behind the state legislators who fled and are now reportedly being sought by police.

“I saw some of them speak on TV, and they were very proud of the action that they took. I’m very proud of what they are doing,” she said. “They’re standing up for the rights of America’s workingmen and -women to have a voice at the table about their jobs and their futures, so yes, I support them.”

But whether House Democrats would ever leave Washington to hold up legislation in Congress is another matter.

Pelosi laughed off a question about whether she would ever lead House Democrats out of the capital in protest of the Republican majority. “Would we have to go to another country?” she quipped. “We’re national.”

The Democratic senators in Wisconsin left to deny Republicans a quorum to hold a vote on the contested legislation. In Washington, House Democrats have railed against the GOP’s proposed budget cuts, but they have a Democratic Senate majority and President Obama as a backstop.

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