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Obama chooses Daley as chief of staff

people_32.gif (9824 bytes)Are YOU yes YOU are you Fed-Up

If this article is true to what they are saying, it sounds like some one had better watch to make sure that NO taxpayer money is spent to pay these people to go campaign for Obama, to me Some thing is rotten in Washington D.C.

For some one who Campaigned on NO Lobbyers, NO Wall-street or any one wanting favors from this administration, BUT what has he done since he got into office, exactly what he campaigned against, this proves just how far you can trust this administration.

Are these the same people who brought this Country down on the heels of BANKRUPTCY, or DEPRESSION, and now it sounds like he is going to spend more taxpayers money flying around in AIR FORCE ONE Campaigning for 2012, some one need to cut off his funds to Air Force One and keep it on the ground.

How much time has Obama spent in Washington doing his job since he got control of two air craft one for him and one for his wife to go the same place in TWO DIFFERENT PLANES, I wonder if his children have their own private planes too????

By BEN FELLER, AP White House Correspondent

WASHINGTON – Ushering in change at the top of his team, President Barack Obama has chosen William Daley to be his new chief of staff, choosing a veteran political manager with Wall Street ties to direct an operation now steaming Continue reading

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