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President Obama content to let House Republicans thump their chests

By Bob L.

Obama is some thing else, he makes the comment about telling the Republicans there is plenty of time to campaign in 2012, but for him the time to start campaigning is when he was Elected in  2009 and he has not stopped campaigning since, just look how much rest AIR FORCE ONE has since he took office. So look who is throwing stones.

By Sam Youngman: President Obama’s strategy for dealing with the new Republican majority in the House is to stay above the fray and look presidential for the 2012 race.

By Democratic strategist Kirsten Powers: I think we can expect to see some gridlock, not a lot of big things happening but Obama trying to appear more moderate for his re-election.

By JULIE PACE: Republicans readying to run for his job, the administration will simultaneously be laying the groundwork for Obama’s re-election bid, which will be operated out of Chicago.


By Sam Youngman

The president gave a preview of that strategy during his trip home from his Christmas vacation in Hawaii, when he ventured back to Air Force One’s press cabin and suggested he would essentially take a spectator’s role while House Republicans beat their chests and howl.

Asked specifically if he was prepared to deal with a GOP attempt to repeal healthcare reform, Obama seemed somewhat blasé about the priorities of the new Congress. Continue reading

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