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Obama urges House, Senate GOP leaders to put politics aside

By Bob L.

Presidents and Politicians who live in GLASS HOUSES should not throw STONES, you will never know who is there to throw it back.

The president said he hopes Republicans will realize “there will be plenty of time to campaign for 2012 in 2012. – This is a laugh when the President has already got people out there pushing for his 2012 Campaign, and that is all he has been doing since he got into office, the hell with the problems in America, he does not care, he just wants that second term in office.

At the rate this Country is going down hill, another SIX YEARS there will not be any thing left of this Country, and every one thought BUSH was BAD.

He does not have any clue what is going on here because he turned every thing over to his czars so he can spend all his time flying around in AIR FORCE ONE Campaigning for 2012, he has been doing that since he was Elected, so where does he get off telling the GOP there is plenty of time to Campaign


By Erika Niedowski

President Obama, returning to Washington from his Christmas vacation in Hawaii, urged House and Senate GOP leaders to put partisan politics aside in the name of working to boost the economy.

The president said onboard Air Force One he hoped incoming House Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio) and Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) “will realize that there will be plenty of time to campaign for 2012 in 2012,” according to a pool report.

“And that our job this year is to make sure that we build on recovery,” he added. “We started making good progress on that in the lame-duck, and I expect to build on that progress when I get back.”

Obama was asked by reporters during a surprise visit to the press cabin about the House vote next week to repeal his signature healthcare legislation, and whether he expected to get a chilly reception on the Hill.

“I think that there’s gonna be politics, that’s what happens in Washington,” he said. “They are going to play to their base for a certain period of time. But I’m pretty confident that they’re going to recognize that our job is to govern….”

Obama will be back in Washington Tuesday, a day before the swearing-in of the 112th Congress.

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Pa. allows dumping of tainted waters from gas boom

By Bob L.

Here is a case of cleaning up U.S. Pollution, (YA RIGHT) now if you remember this is what Obama Campaigned on, cleaning up this Country, and getting away from foreign Dependence, well this looks like this is the future of America, and like the OLD SAYING, FOR EVERY ACTION THERE IS A REACTION, SO, there needs to be a study of the reaction, this is what is over looked before taking action and knowing what you want before you do any thing.

This Country today runs off half cocked because some one made every one believe that this is fact and nothing can go wrong, but in the end is the reaction from failure to do the study before the ACTION.

By DAVID B. CARUSO, Associated Press
Mon Jan 3 2011

The natural gas boom gripping parts of the U.S. has a nasty byproduct: waste water so salty, and so polluted with metals like barium and strontium, that most states require drillers to get rid of the stuff by injecting it down shafts thousands of feet deep.

Not in Pennsylvania, one of the states at the center of the gas rush.

There, the liquid that gushes from gas wells is only partially treated for substances that could be environmentally harmful, then dumped into rivers and streams from which communities get their drinking water.

In the two years since the frenzy of activity began in the vast underground rock formation known as the Marcellus Shale, Pennsylvania has been Continue reading

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