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EPA sets the stage for expanded climate rules

By Bob L.

I don’t know why these Environmentalist are so wrapped up in every thing on the ground, I have not heard one thing about all the pollution that takes off every hour, what is it 300, 400, maybe 800 an hour at these air ports PLUS what is already in the air, no one talks about that, WHY???

This whole thing is nothing but a Ponzi scheme an the Americans are the lambs for the slaughter.

If they are going to blame cars, power plants, refineries, lawn care machines that use gas, and the BIG one TRUCKS, so they say, but it should start above ground first, and second, tell the American people the real truth, it all has to do with MONEY and nothing else. I forgot one, to yuppies taking over farm land for their fancy homes, METHANE GAS FROM ANIMALS, AND WE CAN’T FOR GET HUMANS.

I guess to stop Environmentalist, yuppies, and Animals from emitting such deadly  gas we need to put a plug-in their tail pipe.

Have you noticed that every pollution law that comes along starts in California, then every one else pays the price, but after they pass a law in California, the people move to other states and start all over again until they get their way, another law is passed.


By Ben Geman and Andrew Restuccia

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) unveiled a schedule Thursday for setting greenhouse gas standards for power plants and oil refineries.

While EPA is pledging a “common-sense” approach, the move is likely to escalate a battle between the Obama administration and Republicans, who argue climate regulations will hurt the economy. Members of the GOP are pledging to block the rules on Capitol Hill next year. Continue reading

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