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Top 10 Bad Developments For Global Warming Alarmists

By Bob L.

I can’t believe people can be so dumb, or is it that they never went to school and studied science, CLIMATE CHANGES FOUR TIMES A YEAR, EVERY YEAR, it go’s back many years in time, can any one say when climate change started, and prove it 100%, they can’t because NO ONE is that OLD, they can only presume by sampling.

This whole thing is nothing but a way for the rich to get richer, and the poor to end up living on the street, if the Government and rich get their way. BECAUSE YOU WILL BE TAXED OUT OF YOUR HOMES. You think it is bad now, pass CAP & TAX or TAX & TRADE.


By Kenneth Hanner
Things keep getting worse for global-warming alarmists. Last year, saw the collapse at Copenhagen, Climategate and the death of cap-and-trade. A recent spate of bad developments added to their woes:

1. Cancun Play-Day: Following last year’s Copenhagen climate conference which turned into a farce, another meaningless UN climate conference was held this year in Cancun, Mexico. Continue reading

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Like A Condom, The First Amendment Can’t Always Protect You

Ann CoulterBy Ann Coulter

First of all, I feel so much more confident that the TSA’s nude photos of airline passengers will never be released now that I know the government couldn’t even prevent half a million classified national security documents from being posted on WikiLeaks.

President Obama and Attorney General Eric Holder will be getting around to WikiLeaks’ proprietor, Julian Assange, just as soon Continue reading

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