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Senators add ethanol credit to tax bill

By Bob L.

Government makes every thing look good on Paper, but what is the actual out come that they have forgotten, Farmers losing land to grow a crop to feed the world,  did they ever open up the water for the farmers in California to go back to work and hirer workers, how many wind turbines does it take to generate enough energy for 500,000 homes plus businesses, or where good farm land will be destroy?

Just drive around and look at all the land and water that these turbines have destroyed for this venture, and the same go’s for solar panels, you put it on your roof and then you get a leak in your roof, what is your cost to take them down then put them back?

50kw solar field installed in Maryland, uses 185 of the SPP270 solar panels

Land Lost, no longer Available.

Where do the wires run, under
ground and they produces heat, and
heat days out the ground, (like an electric base board heater) and they are talking about water conservation, this produces a drying affect around these wires before it can reach the water table. ?

How is all THIS going to AFFECT or ALTER the Weather in the future? Do they really know? Bet they never studied for the AFFECTS of more climate change from all this!!!! Looks good on paper while they are lining their pockets before the people open their eyes to what is going on, this also go’s for food for gas, take the food crops to make gas. Now is that not a tax break for the rich, like the oil Companies.

Welcome to my Planet of Wind MillsIs this the future of our
food around these wind
farms in the future?




A key ethanol tax credit has made the cut as part of a deal extending Bush-era tax incentives.

Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.) — who opposes extending the excise tax credit for the mainly corn-based gasoline additive — told reporters Thursday that her understanding is that it will be extended in the tax deal Continue reading

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