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Where the GOP’s Wins Leave Obama and the Dems

By Bob L.

On listening to Obama trying to unwind his BALL OF YARN today, I say nothing but LIES, and he is stumbling and trying to make it sound he did not have any thing to do with it, and to me it is nothing but DOUBLE TALK to make it look like he will now work with Republicans, but HE WON’T, he will make it look like Republicans are the problem.

I DON’T BELIEVE ONE WORD HE IS SAYING, and it all sounded like the same CAMPAIGN promises he made in 2008 just to get ELECTED and if you watched his lies all questions were screened before his news Conference.
Wed Nov 3 2010

Voters hit the reset button on American politics Tuesday. There is no more Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, no more one-party control of the Federal Government, no more Obama landslide map. The country awakens this morning to all the same problems – but the menu of solutions is up for grabs. “Yes, we can” has collided with “Oh, no you don’t.” And the future – including the 2012 presidential election – starts right now.

The swing voters who flocked to Barack Obama two years ago turned against his agenda, electing a tidal wave of new Republican members of Congress, and shaving Continue reading

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