Election 2010: Referendum on Obama

By Human Events

You’ve salivated two years for this moment. And it’s finally arrived. This President has given us an America that is poorer, less free, less safe, over-regulated, and hallmarked by unprecedented government intrusion and historic deficit spending. Now it’s your turn to tell him and his party, ENOUGH. Make no mistake about it: This 2010 Election is a Referendum on Obama.

Our politics guru John Gizzi predicts that voters are so fed up with Obama and the Democrats, that the GOP will gain 63 seats in the House and 10 in the Senate, giving Republicans their first majority in Congress since 2006.

You don’t have to wait long to find out the results. In fact, keep your browser bookmarked on HUMAN EVENTS today and tomorrow as our team provides you with breaking coverage and rapid-fire analysis on all things Midterms. We’ve got you covered, from the initiatives on the ballot to the key House, Senate and gubernatorial races.

• Our LIVE U-Stream Feed: Our editors will appear on-camera regularly to report on new developments leading up and into the evening.

• Up-to-the-second Twitter feed: We’ll be LIVE tweeting election results and give you all the breaking news as the events unfold. Check out our new Twitter feed below.

You can access the Twitter and the U-Stream feeds right on this page, and check back frequently as the polls close. We’ll sift through the outcomes, but that’s not all. We’ve also organized a symposium of leading conservatives to give quick and timely analysis breaking down the results and what they mean.

And, of course, what good is the comments section if you’re not sounding off throughout the day and giving the other HUMAN EVENTS readers your own election predictions.

Have at it, folks.

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