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ObamaCare: Condition Serious, Prognosis Grim

By Bob L.

Lets see is not the motto for the Democrats a JACKASS, oh well that is another story, did they think that all Americans were as dumb as them for the symbol that they associate themselves with, I my self did not think that most Americans associate themselves as a JACKASS, but I must say that there are some that do associate themselves as a JACKASS, and I thought that Americans were upstanding people who thought for them selves and voted for people who believed in the U.S. Constitution, but today to many spend too much time admiring them selves in the mirror to know what is going on in this Country today, turn on the TV and the biggest part of commercials have you looking in the mirror to see how good-looking you are.
Deroy MurdockBy Deroy Murdock

NEW YORK — ObamaCare is in serious condition. Its symptoms worsen as its vital signs sink like US job-growth figures. Voters and Democrats flee in fear that its malady is contagious.

The Health and Human Services Department has permitted McDonald’s, Aetna, New York’s United Federation of Teachers, and 27 other well-connected organizations to escape new regulations on minimum-coverage levels and administrative-expense ratios for “mini-med” plans common among low-income employees. HHS granted these waivers because, as “Sub-Regulatory Guidance (OCIIO 2010 – 1)” explains, ObamaCare Continue reading

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