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Holder: States need to save on prisons

By Bob L.

The Question that is always asked, the Question that will never be answered, and a Question that they will not admit to, read the article States need to save on prisons, this will answer the BIG Question on why this Country is becoming an unsafe place to raise your FAMILY from, SEXUAL PREDATORS, Robbery, Home Break ins, and Murder.

It time to regrow the Hanging Tree and tell these Bleeding Hearts, enough is enough, it is time to make these people pay for their crimes against society, and the punishment should fit the crime, Put Sex Offenders in the STOCKS in the public Square, same goes for BULLIES, better yet put them in a cage with a GORILLA with no clothes on, some one who KILLS do the SAME, and the rest go back to the old times make them work with no TV, no Weight Room, just eat, sleep, and work to pay for their room and board, no more gravy train, they all put them selves in that place, no one else, AND Corrupt Politicians who lie and steal and take bribes and call it CAMPAIGN CONTRIBUTIONS or take Favors, put them in a clear plastic cage with only a CHAIR and a TOILET, that should show them how humiliated the unemployed feel, and we can’t forget all the Judges who won’t do their Job that they were Elected to do.



By Jordy Yager

Attorney General Eric Holder said that states must spend less on incarcerating criminals in the U.S. because the current funding rate is not sustainable, especially in the wake of an economic recession.

Holder, speaking at the European Offenders Employment Forum on Friday, said that the cost of housing state prisoners is four times as much as it was 20 years ago. Continue reading

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