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Report: 25 states considering Arizona-style immigration laws

By Bob L.

Here go again, like I have said in the past, round-up all Illegals send them back to their own Countries, then show them where the front door is, screen them, then help the ones who come here get their citizen ship, then if they don’t want to become a U.S. Citizen, SEND THEM PACKING and make it a felony if they come back, and prosecute any Business, Union, Church, or private citizen, who hires, hide, or protect them with loss of business and license, and a ONE Million Dollar Fine, let’s be nice $500,000.00 the first offense, then the MILL

Why is Mexico not working to take care of their People, OH I FOR GOT the U.S. is doing the same thing here in America, TO HELL WITH THE PEOPLE, unless they can help save their asses so they won’t lose their plush JOBS, really look and see who really puts them in their PLUSH JOBS, the lobbyists and the RICH, not the voting Public.

Let’s look at the kids that were born here to Illegals, why have they not become a U.S. Citizen by now, just look how long they have been here if their kids are U.S. Citizens and U.S. in schools, SO WHY ARE THEIR PARENTS STILL ILLEGAL AND NOT U.S. CITIZENS, they had all the chances, so that is not our fault that they are sent back.


By Liz Goodwin
Thu Oct 28

An immigrant-rights group has released a report (PDF) predicting that 25 states may try next year to pass anti-illegal-immigration laws similar to Arizona’s controversial legislation. Continue reading

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Who’s Gained And Lost Under Obama

Rick Newman
Tuesday October 26, 2010

If you’ve got a job, chances are you’re better off than you were two years ago, when Americans elected Barack Obama president. But that’s not likely to be the message voters convey in the upcoming midterm elections.

[See 12 ways to stop America’s decline.]

The Democrats who control the White House and Congress are poised for a historic smack down in the midterms, with polls suggesting that Republicans will gain control of the House and possibly the Senate. There’s one big reason: Continue reading

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Obama likely to focus on deficit in next 2 years

By Bob L.

Why don’t we stop this crap and get down to making them do the jobs that they are being Payed to do, that goes for ALL Government Agencies, Get rid of consulting firms,(Save Millions There) if the Government Employees can’t do their job, FIRER them, and get people in there that can do the job, (just think how much money could be saved) that is what the private sector does.

Stop all this testing and start teaching a profession from the Ninth Grade up along with U.S. History and the Constitution, make the teachers teach in class not send it home to be done, if they can’t get rid of them, SCHOOL is where the THREE R are taught not at home, it seems that schools today are brain washing our kids, and not teaching them, and home is where every think else is taught, YA right, some parents today don’t care where their kids are at, let alone teach them any thing.
By BEN FELLER, AP White House Correspondent
Sun Oct 24
WASHINGTON – Preparing for political life after a bruising election, President Barack Obama will put greater emphasis on fiscal discipline, a nod to a nation sick of spending and to a Congress poised to become more Republican, conservative and determined to stop him.
Continue reading

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Ohio Democrat Threatens Pro-Life Leader with Jail

By Connie Hair

Rep. Steve Driehaus (D-Ohio) got himself into deep water when he took a principled stand to defend life earlier this year — then buckled to his pro-abortion leadership to vote in favor of passing Obamacare.

The legislation passed by Democrats allows the use of taxpayer dollars to fund abortion on demand through government-run insurance plans.

Marjorie Dannenfelser, President of the Susan B. Anthony List (SBA List), is being threatened with possible jail time for informing voters that Driehaus voted in favor of taxpayer-funded abortion with his vote for Obamacare.

“Ironically, ours is the position that so-called ‘pro-life’ Democrats themselves held before they changed their minds. It is also the position held by the National Right to Life Committee, Americans United for Life, United States Conference of Catholic Bishops, Ohio Right to Life and numerous other organizations and policy experts,” Dannenfelser said.

SBA List sought to purchase four billboards across Driehaus’ Congressional district informing voters that his vote in favor of Obamacare was a vote for taxpayer funding of abortion. Driehaus filed a complaint with the Ohio Elections Commission on Tuesday, October 6th alleging the SBA List was making false accusations, citing a criminal statute in the complaint. SBA List said Driehaus’ attorney convinced Lamar Companies to not to put up the billboards in order to avoid being added to the elections commission complaint.

“Through this criminal statute, he’s even threatening me with jail time,” Dannenfelser said. “But we will not be silenced or intimidated. In fact, we’re emboldened to make certain that his constituents know the truth about his vote.”

Dannenfelser — not one to be intimidated into silence — upped the ante this week with a $50,000 radio ad campaign airing across Driehaus’ district. The ad highlights Driehaus’ vote for the health care bill which allows for taxpayer funding of abortion.

“Rep. Steve Driehaus’ heavy-handed attempt to silence critics of his vote for taxpayer funding of abortion will not work,” Dannenfelser said. “Our radio ads are spreading the truth about his pro-abortion health care vote to the people of his district, despite his efforts to stifle our constitutionally-protected free speech.”

The 60-second radio spot will air on stations in the Cincinnati and Hamilton areas for two weeks. The ad’s script reads:

I’m Marjorie Dannenfelser, President of the Susan B. Anthony List, a pro-life organization.

Congressman Steve Driehaus is threatening my organization with a criminal statute in a desperate attempt to silence us.

Steve Driehaus doesn’t want you to know the truth…

…but you deserve to hear it.

Steve Driehaus voted for taxpayer funding of abortion when he cast his vote for the health care reform bill.

Every major pro-life group in the country agrees that the health care reform bill allows for taxpayer funding of abortion , including National Right to Life, Americans United for Life, Ohio Right to Life, and the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops.

We will not be silenced or intimidated.

Driehaus voted for taxpayer funding of abortion.

And that vote has consequences.

Paid for by the Susan B. Anthony List, which is responsible for the content of this advertisement. Not authorized by any candidate or candidate’s committee.

A full hearing before the Ohio Elections Commission has been set for October 28th. A federal judge is considering a temporary restraining order against Driehaus and the Ohio Elections Commission and is expected to make a ruling as early as today.

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ObamaCare: Condition Serious, Prognosis Grim

By Bob L.

Lets see is not the motto for the Democrats a JACKASS, oh well that is another story, did they think that all Americans were as dumb as them for the symbol that they associate themselves with, I my self did not think that most Americans associate themselves as a JACKASS, but I must say that there are some that do associate themselves as a JACKASS, and I thought that Americans were upstanding people who thought for them selves and voted for people who believed in the U.S. Constitution, but today to many spend too much time admiring them selves in the mirror to know what is going on in this Country today, turn on the TV and the biggest part of commercials have you looking in the mirror to see how good-looking you are.
Deroy MurdockBy Deroy Murdock

NEW YORK — ObamaCare is in serious condition. Its symptoms worsen as its vital signs sink like US job-growth figures. Voters and Democrats flee in fear that its malady is contagious.

The Health and Human Services Department has permitted McDonald’s, Aetna, New York’s United Federation of Teachers, and 27 other well-connected organizations to escape new regulations on minimum-coverage levels and administrative-expense ratios for “mini-med” plans common among low-income employees. HHS granted these waivers because, as “Sub-Regulatory Guidance (OCIIO 2010 – 1)” explains, ObamaCare Continue reading

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From a Maine House, a National Foreclosure Freeze

By Bob L.

A good example of a fore-closer is that this Country has no compassion any more, sure you have freeloaders who will do anything to get some thing for free and that is understandable, but there are people who are just lazy and want some one else to give them every thing so they don’t have to go to work, and you have some that want to work and can’t get a job for one reason or another, then you have ones who have a job and lose it along with every thing else and not one Company or Government will help, I think that is because if they did they think that it will cut in to their outrageous WAGES and then they might lose their HOME or HOMES. Maybe they should lose every thing to see what it is like being on the outside looking in.

The problem today is that every thing is so over priced and out of reach of most Americans, and to be able to buy any thing, you have to drag down ($35.00) thirty-five Dollars and hour and more if you want to buy a house.

The New York Times
By David Streitfeld
Friday, October 15, 2010

DENMARK, Me. — The house that set off the national furor over faulty foreclosures is blue-gray and weathered. The porch is piled with furniture and knickknacks awaiting the next yard sale. In the driveway is a busted pickup truck. No one who lives there is going anywhere anytime soon. Continue reading

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Senior citizens brace for Social Security freeze

By Bob L.

This article about people who are complaining about not getting a cost of living in their Social Security when they have other money to live on, should lose that other income and live like the ones that Social Security is their only income, I have no compassion for these people when these are the ones that are living in snob retirement housing.

There are seniors out there trying to find a place that they can afford, but no, the snob retirees make sure that these seniors living just on Social Security starve trying to find a place to live in a places that they can’t afford, if you think that is a bunch of crap, check out Senior housing, you will find on average, one out of ten senior housing  just on Social Security, check the other nine you will see rents that are a Thousand Dollars and more.

And they say there is no discrimination, well look around and you can’t miss it, no matter who you are, and the biggest discriminator is the Governments, because they will not enforce the law, just like all their laws, they turn their backs on them.

It looks like the only ones that are complaining about no increase are snob retirees who really don’t need Social Security, greed shows its ugly face just like Politicians running for office.

By MATT SEDENSKY, Associated Press Writer

BOCA RATON, Fla. – Seniors prepared to cut back on everything from food to charitable donations to whiskey as word spread Monday that they will have to wait until at least 2012 to see their Social Security checks increase.

The government is expected to announce this week that more than 58 million Social Security recipients will go through a second straight year without an increase Continue reading

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Holder: States need to save on prisons

By Bob L.

The Question that is always asked, the Question that will never be answered, and a Question that they will not admit to, read the article States need to save on prisons, this will answer the BIG Question on why this Country is becoming an unsafe place to raise your FAMILY from, SEXUAL PREDATORS, Robbery, Home Break ins, and Murder.

It time to regrow the Hanging Tree and tell these Bleeding Hearts, enough is enough, it is time to make these people pay for their crimes against society, and the punishment should fit the crime, Put Sex Offenders in the STOCKS in the public Square, same goes for BULLIES, better yet put them in a cage with a GORILLA with no clothes on, some one who KILLS do the SAME, and the rest go back to the old times make them work with no TV, no Weight Room, just eat, sleep, and work to pay for their room and board, no more gravy train, they all put them selves in that place, no one else, AND Corrupt Politicians who lie and steal and take bribes and call it CAMPAIGN CONTRIBUTIONS or take Favors, put them in a clear plastic cage with only a CHAIR and a TOILET, that should show them how humiliated the unemployed feel, and we can’t forget all the Judges who won’t do their Job that they were Elected to do.



By Jordy Yager

Attorney General Eric Holder said that states must spend less on incarcerating criminals in the U.S. because the current funding rate is not sustainable, especially in the wake of an economic recession.

Holder, speaking at the European Offenders Employment Forum on Friday, said that the cost of housing state prisoners is four times as much as it was 20 years ago. Continue reading

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GOP Attacks White House On Unemployment Data

By Bob L.

Does any one know how many Unemployed are really sitting at home looking for work and can no longer get Unemployment, the Government sure does not know, they don’t even know how many more are being laid off, I am beginning to think that every one that is laid off, this Administration believes that they got a job, not lose a job.
 people Animation _ dinamobomb
This Administration only knows one thing, that is to BLOW smoke up the Americans ass and make PROMISES, and they want you to believe that they are creating jobs, well they are creating jobs, but they are not jobs that will turn this Country around and put People to work, they are Government JOBS that will just drag this Country Down, because Government does not produce a product to sell,and will eventual run out of money if it does not get MANUFACTURING back in this Country.



By Maya Jackson Randall, Of DOW JONES NEWSWIRES

WASHINGTON -(Dow Jones)- Republicans on Friday pounced on the latest U.S. employment data, holding it up as proof that the Obama administration’s economic policies simply aren’t working for U.S. families and small businesses.

The U.S. economy continued to lose jobs in September and the unemployment rate held steady at 9.6%, according to a government report released Friday morning. Continue reading

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Speaker Nancy Pelosi did not drain swamp, key voters believe

By Bob L.

Did any one think that the Democrats would do any better than the Republicans, they all do the same thing, live high on the taxpayer’s dime until the people get smart, but the problem with people today is the schools are brainwashing our children to believe what ever our Government says and forget about history.

Today NO Politician go’s in to Politics for the betterment of this Country, they go in to it for the money and perks that come with the position that the American will see but never get, just look at Obama care, Obama Chevrolet, Chrysler, and Obama Banks, it is taken away from the Americans and given to the rich and the unions. Just look who has retained their jobs with taxpayer money.


By Bob Cusack

Most voters think Congress’s ethics have gotten worse in the past two years, according to a new poll in key battleground districts.

The finding suggests that people likely to have a big say in who controls the House in the next Congress believe that Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) has failed to keep her 2006 promise to “drain the swamp” of congressional corruption.

The Hill/ANGA 2010 Midterm Election Poll finds that 57 percent of likely voters in 12 competitive districts believe that the ethical situation on Capitol Hill has deteriorated since President Obama took office. Thirty-two percent of respondents say there has been no change, and only 7 percent claim it has improved.

The Hill/ANGA poll is the first in a groundbreaking series that will survey a total of 42 battleground districts before Election Day — providing clear evidence of who will control the House in the 112th Congress.

In Week 1, pollster Penn Schoen Berland surveyed 4,809 likely voters via phone interviews from Sept. 25 through Sept. 30. The margin of error was plus or minus 1.4 percent, with the margins being higher in subgroups.

Mark Penn, who led the polling team, noted that 34 percent of Democrats polled believe that the handling of ethics has deteriorated since 2008.

Scandals played a leading role in the 1994 elections, when Republicans seized control of Congress. And four years ago, GOP ethical problems helped Democrats take over the House and Senate.

House Republicans hope history repeats itself. While ethics controversies have hit members of both parties in the 111th Congress, most attention this year has focused on Democrats, including Reps. Charles Rangel (N.Y.) and Maxine Waters (Calif.) and former Rep. Eric Massa (N.Y.).

When she took the Speaker’s gavel four years ago, Pelosi pledged to run the “most ethical and honest Congress in history.” And she insists that she has done so. When pressed this year on that commitment, Pelosi interjected, “And we are.”

Asked for comment on the poll’s results, Nadeam Elshami, a Pelosi spokesman, said, “Leading independent advocates for congressional reform credit House Democrats for taking tough action that ensured unprecedented levels of accountability and transparency. When the GOP was in charge, they quadrupled earmarks and legislated behind closed doors on behalf of corporate special interests and have stood in the way of Democratic reform efforts in Congress for the last four years.”

Pelosi’s office also pointed to quotes from Fred Wertheimer of Democracy 21 and Melanie Sloan of Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington praising the Speaker for her ethics reforms, most notably the creation of the Office of Congressional Ethics (OCE).

While it has attracted praise from watchdog groups, the OCE has been criticized by Democratic and Republican lawmakers in recent months.

GOP officials contend that Democrats’ ethics woes will hurt them at the polls next month.

Michael Steel, spokesman for House Minority Leader John Boehner (R-Ohio), said, “There is no doubt that ‘draining the swamp’ in Washington is Speaker Pelosi and Washington Democrats’ most glaring broken promise.”

In The Hill/ANGA poll, at least 48 percent of those surveyed in each of the 12 districts said the ethical situation has gotten worse. The highest percentage came in Rep. Ann Kirkpatrick’s (D-Ariz.) district, where 65 percent said the situation has worsened. The lowest percentage on this question was in Rep. Mary Jo Kilroy’s (D-Ohio) district (48 percent). Kilroy is losing her race by 9 points and Kirkpatrick is trailing by 7, according to the poll.

The overall results show that many older voters (55 years old and above) believe congressional ethics are in decline (62 percent), while only 38 percent of respondents between 17 and 34 years of age take the same view. In the 55-and-above demographic, only 6 percent said ethics have gotten better. There was little difference in the poll between the attitudes of men and women on congressional ethics.

During George W. Bush’s administration, the ethics of House Republicans was front-page news amid the Jack Abramoff scandal and the imprisonment of Reps. Bob Ney (R-Ohio) and Randy “Duke” Cunningham (R-Calif.). In 2004, the House ethics committee admonished then-Majority Leader Tom DeLay (R-Texas) three times. But the ethics spotlight shifted to Democrats after they grabbed control of Congress.

Republicans over the last several years have seized on the ethics controversies of Rangel, applying political pressure on Pelosi, who pushed the New York Democrat to give up his Ways and Means Committee chairmanship.

The House ethics panel has a lot of work left on its plate, though it is unclear how much of it will emerge this year. The committee is working on the final report on Massa’s alleged groping of male staffers and the trials of Rangel and Waters.

House Republicans on the ethics panel last week urged committee Chairwoman Zoe Lofgren (D-Calif.) to schedule those trials before the elections.

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