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Spread the Wealth

By Bob L.

This Administration wants to spread the wealth, but the only wealth I see being spread is for the wealthy, like CAP & TAX, high health insurance, more hidden taxes that we don’t know about.

Over the years our Government has passed laws to bring this Country along the lines of following the United States Constitution, this Country has had its good times and its bad times, and now they are trying to destroy the CONSTITUTION, but to my knowledge I don’t think that this Country has been in this condition that we are in now, where we can improve or crash, I don’t thing it will take much to crash. Continue reading

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Teacher bonuses fail to boost test scores

By Bob L.

You know that saying that one size fits all is bullshit, specifically in this case, every student wants a different trade or skill or education, and you can’t teach it in one word, COLLEGE, you need trade in there to.

This just shows that teachers are doing exactly what civil service workers are doing, want smaller class size, more pay, for no work, but there are some good teachers, but are being dragged down by money hungry lazy teachers, and the unions are not helping, they are now destroying this Country.

Some nut crackers think that if you pass the dream act you will improve test scores, gee that sounds like if you change the dollar design you will improve the economy, is this what they are teaching in school, now I can see why test scores are down, they are not teaching any thing but stupid, you can tell that by what is coming out of the colleges.

One thing you can see is they are not teaching a trade or a skill, but they do teach college, college, college, but what they are teaching is home work by night and nothing but testing by day, so how can you get an education with this type of teaching, YOU CAN”T.

Colleges are not teaching street, they are teaching snob, so when it comes to running any thing they are stupid, if you don’t think this is true just look at what is running this Country, snobs who think their SHIT don’t STINK and any thing they say and do is right.

Just be thankful you have a job today, not back then.

Great Depression Picture: A School in Alabama

(Picture from the Franklin D. Roosevelt Library, courtesy of the National Archives and Records Administration.)

By DORIE TURNER, Associated Press Writer
Tue Sept 21

ATLANTA – Offering big bonuses to teachers failed to raise students’ test scores in a three-year study released Tuesday that calls into question the Obama administration’s push for merit pay to improve education. Continue reading

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