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Fear of GOP takeover forces unions to back Dems critical of health

By Bob L.

Unions are not for workers because they say who will join and who will not, see if they let you join you will be allowed to join and pay dews, then they will blackball you and you will not work, but you will still paying union dews.

If the Democrats lose then they will lose their power they have under the Obama Administration, good example of the intimidation at these town hall meeting around the Country where you saw SEIU shirts that were in the crowds.

Unions are great for protecting working people from scruples Companies, but they were not the people who the American people voted in to office to run this Country and should not be allowed tell our Government how to run this Country, this go’s for any other Organizations because in most cases they are not doing for the good of Americans, they are only doing it for more power where people don’t have a choice, it is join the union or you don’t work, and this then is not a free Country, it makes this a Police Country, or under a DICTATOR.
By Kevin Bogardus and Sean J. Miller

Fears that John Boehner will become the next Speaker of the House have prompted unions to rethink their opposition to Democrats who voted against the healthcare reform bill earlier this year.

The AFL-CIO released its first round of mailers in support of endangered Democrats this week. In it, the union sought to bolster Rep. Zack Space’s (D-Ohio) campaign with literature attacking his Republican opponent. Continue reading

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NYC considers banning smoking in parks

With all these HIPPOCRATES today complaining about this and that, needs some one to kick them in their ASS (can’t do that they might explode because you plugged up their gas pipe), now wanting to ban smoking out side better get ready for a nanny state take over of your rights, because if you keep this up, you will end up with what you are complaining about now, but it seems that this is what you want.

What you are not seeing coming down the road is whats next, lets see you have Cars and Planes (carbon dioxide), Restaurants (greasy smoke coming off the grill), buildings (need heat), Diesel Electric Trains, you can go on with any thing that burn a fuel (CO2), and you can not forget the biggest complaint by Environmentalist (Methane Gas) By Humans and Animals.

Now we get down to what will happen, FOR EVER ACTION, THERE IS A REACTION, SO lets put it in plain ENGLISH, you will pay for it in HIGHER TAXES!!!!!  Higher Taxes fewer JOBS

Are they going to ban Alcohol from all places where our Children go, they talk health, WELL this is not a healthy environment for our Children that you don’t want to become ALCOHOLICS and depend on Alcohol, all this is doing is giving them a bad impression and making them think you can have more fun drinking Alcoholic beverages.
By Martha T. Moore

NEW YORK — In Times Square, people once smoked just about anything. Now you can’t even light up a cigarette.

After banning cars from Times Square last year to turn the street over to pedestrians, the city now plans to outlaw smoking in the new plazas. Continue reading

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