Obama: Drive the Car Out of the Ditch and Over a Cliff

By Connie Hair

House Republican Leader John Boehner (R-Ohio) released a two-point plan yesterday to stabilize the economy by tackling the uncertainty caused by Democrats’ runaway spending and big government takeovers of everything from the auto industry to health care.

The proposal was simple enough even what’s left of the White House economic advisory team should understand it:  cut spending and freeze all tax rates including for those who provide the jobs in this country.

Instead, President Obama delivered a petulant speech in Cleveland complaining that opponents treat him like a “dog.”  Welcome to the big leagues, Mr. President.  Check the so-called mainstream media attacks on former President George W. Bush for context.

Boehner spoke out about the speech advising Obama to heed the advice of Peter Ortszag who recently departed the White House.

“If the president is serious about finally focusing on jobs, a good start would be taking the advice of his recently departed budget director and freezing all tax rates, coupled with cutting federal spending to where it was before all the bailouts, government takeovers, and ‘stimulus’ spending sprees.”

House Republican Whip Eric Cantor (R-Va.) demanded the President withdraw his false statements that Republicans have offered no specific ideas to cut spending.  Cantor pointed to the myriad proposals to cut trillions of dollars offered not only by legislators but specific cuts voted on by the public through the YouCut program.

“President Obama must have misspoken [yesterday], because I have personally sat across the table from him and suggested specific ways to cut spending. Furthermore, House Republican Leader John Boehner and I urged President Obama to work with Republicans to cut spending by using his authority to send Congress a ‘rescissions’ package.  In fact, we sent President Obama a letter twice pledging to work together with him on that effort. We still have not heard back — seven months later,” Cantor said.

“It doesn’t end there, through the YouCut program House Republicans have offered over $120 billion in spending cuts, only to be voted down by Democrats in the House,” Cantor continued.  “House Republicans Jeb Hensarling and Paul Ryan have introduced a ‘Cut Spending Now‘  package of specific cuts that would save taxpayers $1.3 trillion.”

“President Obama is entitled to his opinion, but he’s not entitled to his own facts, and with that in mind I am asking him to either clarify or withdraw the accusation,” Cantor added.

Rep. Mike Pence (R-Ind.), Chairman of the House Republican Conference, weighed in supporting Boehner’s two-point plan.

“The American people know that the economic policies of Washington Democrats are failing, and they’re looking for a new approach,” Pence said.  “House Republican Leader John Boehner is offering a new way forward: fiscal discipline in Washington and tax relief for all Americans. It is my earnest hope that Congress will move quickly and in a bipartisan way to act on Leader Boehner’s call to cut all non-security spending back to 2008 levels and reject raising taxes on any American on January 1, 2011. These are necessary first steps that Washington can take to counteract the failed policies of more taxes, borrowing and stimulus spending.”

Rep. Tom Price (R-Ga.), Chairman of the Republican Study Committee, also weighed in on the massive tax increases and continued bailout spending that are part of the Obama plan.

“Unrestrained deficit spending is a tsunami that threatens to drown America’s prospects for future prosperity,” Price said.  “The red ink is so overwhelming that this year Democrats cancelled the budget altogether.  Such recklessness weakens confidence in America’s fiscal health and puts families and businesses on the defensive.  Sanity demands that spending be immediately rolled back to where it was before the bailouts, government takeovers, and stimulus boondoggles.”

“The job-killing tax hikes set to take effect next year threaten our economy just as much as the Democrats’ wild spending spree.  If left unchallenged, this tax hike will confiscate forty percent of many small businesses’ income.  That is a huge drag on our economy’s main producers and job creators.  We must act quickly to save families and businesses from the destructive effects of the largest tax increase in American history,” Price added.

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