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A common link among fire, floods, food riots: Government & Environmentalist

By Bob L.
Thur.Sept.09 2010

Here are things that you can not always blame on weather, Global warming, climate change, or what ever they call it, you can put the blame where most of it really belongs, WITH Environmentalist and the Government ( you name them they are behind it ), Fire, Flood, Food, three F’s, that is a failing grade for the Government who sides with Environmentalist.

A common link among Fire, here is a place where you can blame some on lightening, arson, and some times by accident, but a lot can be stopped if the people could keep the area around their homes clear of under brush, Floods, here again rivers can not be cleaned out when they get filled up with silt over time, so what is happening is they are getting shallower, so where do you think water will go, any place it wants to until it get to where it wants to go if it can’t stay in its banks, Oh that s right when it fills up with silt there are no banks to keep the water in, Food riots, and food riots start when farmer are not allowed to farm their land, just like what California is going through today, and it is not because of extreme weather, it is because the Government shut off their water they need to raise their crops.

Then if the farmer can’t farm his land there are job loses, then farmer can’t raise a crop, then he can’t sell his crops, so he can’t make any money to hire people, now you have a continuous vicious circle, FOOD RIOTS.

Just look how they think that they can predict what the weather is going to do, do you think that if they mess with the weather and environment, that they will be able to control what the weather will from year to year, I my self think that they will just make it worst, if they can scare enough people that the SKY is falling they will get a big profit from it.

Special to Yahoo! News
Tue Sept. 7

Deadly riots in the streets of Mozambique over sharply higher food prices have left 13 dead. Anger is growing in Egypt and Serbia as well. Panicked Russian shoppers have cleared the shelves of staple grains. And the devastating floods that have left as many as 10 million Pakistanis homeless are also raising concerns about the country’s ability to feed itself. Continue reading

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