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Obama dismisses GOP ‘Pledge’ as echo of disaster

By Bob L.

When is this JACKASS going to under stand that he is just as guilty as every one else for this collapse of this Country, if you check he was in cahoots with ACORN pushing for selling homes to people who did not have a job or was on minim wage before he became a Senator, remember he was spreading the wealth with Acorn and all though organizations. Then he could not wait to sign the collapse  when he was campaigning to be President, and now he blames every one else and says he had nothing to do with it, and any one believes him is just as much as a JACKASS for being stupid.

And he will not listen to any one unless it is a DEMOCRAT, he acts like a little kid who can’t get his way, saying I am going to tell my MAMA because you won’t do what I want to do!!!!

By ERICA WERNER, Associated Press Writer
09 Sat. 25 2010

WASHINGTON – President Barack Obama says Republicans’ plan to slash taxes and cut spending if the GOP retakes the House in November is no more than “an echo of a disastrous decade we can’t afford to relive.”

Obama used his weekly radio and Internet address Saturday to skewer House Republicans over the “Pledge to America” they unveiled this week. It also promised to cut down on government regulation, repeal Obama’s health care law and end his stimulus program.

“The Republicans who want to take over Continue reading

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Spread the Wealth

By Bob L.

This Administration wants to spread the wealth, but the only wealth I see being spread is for the wealthy, like CAP & TAX, high health insurance, more hidden taxes that we don’t know about.

Over the years our Government has passed laws to bring this Country along the lines of following the United States Constitution, this Country has had its good times and its bad times, and now they are trying to destroy the CONSTITUTION, but to my knowledge I don’t think that this Country has been in this condition that we are in now, where we can improve or crash, I don’t thing it will take much to crash. Continue reading

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Teacher bonuses fail to boost test scores

By Bob L.

You know that saying that one size fits all is bullshit, specifically in this case, every student wants a different trade or skill or education, and you can’t teach it in one word, COLLEGE, you need trade in there to.

This just shows that teachers are doing exactly what civil service workers are doing, want smaller class size, more pay, for no work, but there are some good teachers, but are being dragged down by money hungry lazy teachers, and the unions are not helping, they are now destroying this Country.

Some nut crackers think that if you pass the dream act you will improve test scores, gee that sounds like if you change the dollar design you will improve the economy, is this what they are teaching in school, now I can see why test scores are down, they are not teaching any thing but stupid, you can tell that by what is coming out of the colleges.

One thing you can see is they are not teaching a trade or a skill, but they do teach college, college, college, but what they are teaching is home work by night and nothing but testing by day, so how can you get an education with this type of teaching, YOU CAN”T.

Colleges are not teaching street, they are teaching snob, so when it comes to running any thing they are stupid, if you don’t think this is true just look at what is running this Country, snobs who think their SHIT don’t STINK and any thing they say and do is right.

Just be thankful you have a job today, not back then.

Great Depression Picture: A School in Alabama

(Picture from the Franklin D. Roosevelt Library, courtesy of the National Archives and Records Administration.)

By DORIE TURNER, Associated Press Writer
Tue Sept 21

ATLANTA – Offering big bonuses to teachers failed to raise students’ test scores in a three-year study released Tuesday that calls into question the Obama administration’s push for merit pay to improve education. Continue reading

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More Red Tape for Small Business

By Rep. Charles W. Boustany, Jr.

As American workers struggle to make ends meet, it’s important to consider the many ways President Obama’s new health law creates uncertainty and limits American competitiveness.

Rising health costs, new taxes and coverage mandates only represent the tip of the iceberg. Workers and employers also face expensive reporting requirements and administrative burdens, hampering their ability to expand.

Congress should work to make it easier for Americans to create jobs, not more complicated.   our economy requires certainty, but Washington continues to push expensive new programs and anti-competitive policies. Continue reading

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Amazing New Designs For The Dollar Bill

By Bob L.


What in the hell is the matter with this Country, can’t they leave well enough alone, they say the Euro looks so spanky in comparison to our money, I don’t care one cent about that FOREIGN crappy looking money, we have money that looks just fine, and has worked just fine all these years, we are not EUROPE and we don’t need money that looks like theirs, if you want money like that move there and leave our alone.

Our money has worked fine all these years we don’t need to spend money that we don’t have to have some one make new plates at, what does it cost now to make just one plate, if you the American people are smart, tell them to stick it up their ASS, but the way this Country has been going, the people are so brain washed, they will do any thing this Administration tells them to do, this just how STUPID America has become.

How will this put people back to work by doing this, it won’t, it will only put more Government to work, and who’s idea is this, Oh the one that does not like this Country and says he is not muslim but bends over backwards to help them.

This guy seems to like Europe, so lets send him and his kind and any politician who wants to destroy this Country packing  across the OCEAN where they want to live, we don’t need their crap here

Fri Sept 17

See this Crackpot here

The American dollar is in bad need of a makeover. Thanks to the Dollar ReDe$ign Project, we may now have some options.

Organized by creative strategy consultant Richard Smith, the Dollar ReDe$ign Project is soliciting ideas for the dollar bill of the future. “Our great ‘rival’, the Euro, Continue reading

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Fear of GOP takeover forces unions to back Dems critical of health

By Bob L.

Unions are not for workers because they say who will join and who will not, see if they let you join you will be allowed to join and pay dews, then they will blackball you and you will not work, but you will still paying union dews.

If the Democrats lose then they will lose their power they have under the Obama Administration, good example of the intimidation at these town hall meeting around the Country where you saw SEIU shirts that were in the crowds.

Unions are great for protecting working people from scruples Companies, but they were not the people who the American people voted in to office to run this Country and should not be allowed tell our Government how to run this Country, this go’s for any other Organizations because in most cases they are not doing for the good of Americans, they are only doing it for more power where people don’t have a choice, it is join the union or you don’t work, and this then is not a free Country, it makes this a Police Country, or under a DICTATOR.
By Kevin Bogardus and Sean J. Miller

Fears that John Boehner will become the next Speaker of the House have prompted unions to rethink their opposition to Democrats who voted against the healthcare reform bill earlier this year.

The AFL-CIO released its first round of mailers in support of endangered Democrats this week. In it, the union sought to bolster Rep. Zack Space’s (D-Ohio) campaign with literature attacking his Republican opponent. Continue reading

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NYC considers banning smoking in parks

With all these HIPPOCRATES today complaining about this and that, needs some one to kick them in their ASS (can’t do that they might explode because you plugged up their gas pipe), now wanting to ban smoking out side better get ready for a nanny state take over of your rights, because if you keep this up, you will end up with what you are complaining about now, but it seems that this is what you want.

What you are not seeing coming down the road is whats next, lets see you have Cars and Planes (carbon dioxide), Restaurants (greasy smoke coming off the grill), buildings (need heat), Diesel Electric Trains, you can go on with any thing that burn a fuel (CO2), and you can not forget the biggest complaint by Environmentalist (Methane Gas) By Humans and Animals.

Now we get down to what will happen, FOR EVER ACTION, THERE IS A REACTION, SO lets put it in plain ENGLISH, you will pay for it in HIGHER TAXES!!!!!  Higher Taxes fewer JOBS

Are they going to ban Alcohol from all places where our Children go, they talk health, WELL this is not a healthy environment for our Children that you don’t want to become ALCOHOLICS and depend on Alcohol, all this is doing is giving them a bad impression and making them think you can have more fun drinking Alcoholic beverages.
By Martha T. Moore

NEW YORK — In Times Square, people once smoked just about anything. Now you can’t even light up a cigarette.

After banning cars from Times Square last year to turn the street over to pedestrians, the city now plans to outlaw smoking in the new plazas. Continue reading

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U.S. Border Patrol Agents in ‘Firefight’ With Mexican Gang

Published September 14, 2010
Associated Press

SAN ANTONIO — U.S. Border Patrol agents fired gunshots into Mexico after coming under attack during a half-ton drug bust and giving chase to a truck along the Rio Grande, U.S. authorities said Monday.

No Border Patrol agents were hurt during the “fire fight” early Saturday in Mission, agency spokeswoman Rosalinda Huey said. She did not say whether Border Patrol gunfire hit anyone, citing the ongoing investigation.

“The firing they received came from the Mexican side,” Huey said.  Continue reading

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New Drug-Resistant Superbugs Found in 3 States

Published September 14, 2010

BOSTON –  An infectious-disease nightmare is unfolding: Bacteria that have been made resistant to nearly all antibiotics by an alarming new gene have sickened people in three states and are popping up all over the world, health officials reported Monday.

The U.S. cases and two others in Canada all involve people who had recently received medical care in India, where the problem is widespread. A British medical journal revealed the risk last month in an article describing dozens of cases in Britain in people who had gone to India for medical procedures. Continue reading

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Scandal-ridden Calif. city must return tax dollars

By Bob L.

How many Cities, Counties, and States are guilty of this today and getting away with it because no one cares.

Here is a good example of what these Elected Officials think of the people who put them in office, or lets put it this way they are only going for these positions so they have the credit card of all taxpayers.

This is what they call identity theft, because our Government agencies have stolen the credit card to pay for their wages or buy some thing to profit from, or buy cars, boats, motorcycles, you can go on, but the average citizen would be behind bars, and this is where all public Officials should be prosecuted, and not get special treatment or pardons, and denied their pensions.
Mon Sept 13

BELL, Calif. – Lt. Gov. Abel Maldonado signed a bill Monday ordering the return of nearly $3 million in property taxes the state says was illegally collected in the blue-collar suburb of Bell, where one in six people live in poverty.

An audit by state Controller John Chiang’s office determined the City Council passed an illegal resolution in 2007 that resulted in a 50 percent tax hike over three years. Continue reading

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