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Gore Not Gracious in Defeat

By Bob L.

Who would not be up set if you saw Millions of dollars that were going up in flames in some thing you were pushing for to get more money then you could comprehend, but see this is how you make this type of money no matter how many people get hurt, in this case, it is the people of the United States except the rich who are going to profit from it.

If you want to see who is going to PROFIT, just see who is pushing for it, and will do what ever it takes do to get it pushed down the throats of the American and the Canadian people, and even the world.

These are the people who push for control of WORLD DOMINATION, better known as DICTATORS, because they think they are better then you because they went to College, and what they are telling you they never studied, but THEY went to COLLEGE!!!!

By Steven Milloy

Al Gore is a bitter man. In a conference call with his supporters Tuesday night, Gore all but conceded defeat over getting a climate bill out of Congress this year while unleashing a tirade against cap-and-trade’s opponents.

In a somber and seething voice, Gore told callers that, “this battle has not been successful and is pretty much over for this year.” He bitterly denounced the Senate and federal government stating several times, “the U.S. Senate has failed us” and “the federal government has failed us.” Gore even seemed to blame President Obama, emphasizing that “the government Continue reading

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“Cake” in Spain, Hypocrisy at Home

This article says it all, it shows just exactly what the Obama’s think of the American taxpayer, and America.


By Andrea Billups


As many families in America struggle to pay their bills amid a sticky recession and deep unemployment, now at 9.5%, Michelle Obama’s luxe vacation to Spain has sparked out-of-touch outrage that has even the European press crying muy mal.

While the White House spokesman has described her trip with youngest daughter Sasha as private—and the First Lady reportedly paid for her own travel expenses—the European voyage cost taxpayers close to a quarter million dollars in presidential security.

That figure has drawn a fierce public scolding from press types and political watchers here and across the pond who dubbed the Obamas hypocrites for urging belt-tightening Continue reading

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House Votes on ‘XXXX’ State Government Union Bailout Today

By Connie Hair

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) summoned the House of Representatives back to Washington into a special, pro forma session today for Democrats to pass another $26 billion bailout bill.

In such a hurry to put more funding into the hands of their union buddies this Congressional election season, Democrats forgot to name the bill they passed through the Senate.

Reported on the Editors Pick on techie news outlet

It was supposed to be some routine election-year largesse from Democrats: a $26 billion spending measure to aid two of the party’s core constituencies, labor unions, and government workers.

But a watchdog Web site on Sunday evening spotted an unusual feature of the legislation, which the Senate approved by a 61-to-39 vote last week.

It doesn’t actually have a name. Congress’ official Web site calls it the “______Act of____” (PDF). Elsewhere, it’s referred to as the “XXXXXX Act of XXXX.”

Whatever the name, or no name, associated with the legislation, it may be too late to christen the bill properly. The Senate has left town until mid-September, and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has called the House of Representatives back into session to vote on the same unidentified legislation.

“Speaker Pelosi is calling the House back to vote on another bailout and another job-killing tax increase — but she didn’t exactly dot the ‘i’s’ and cross the ‘t’s’,” Mike Steel, spokesman for Republican Leader John Boehner told HUMAN EVENTS.  “In fact, the bill was thrown together so fast it doesn’t even have a proper name.”

“For now, it is known by a moniker associated with booze or poison in Looney Tunes cartoons — the ‘XXXX’ Act,” Steel added.

This particular bailout with no name is an additional $10 billion for state government union employees with an additional delayed $16 billion to bailout Medicare for another six months.

Over $400 billion of the original $787 billion in “stimulus” state bailout funds have not yet been spent — likely held back for the purpose of presidential election season union community organizing.

Why would the administration waste all that taxpayer money on Congressional elections?

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Democrats Pass $26 Billion Bailout

By Bob L.

Here we go again, another bail out, who is this bailout for, basically the Teachers Union, it is not for the unemployed looking for a job, it is for people who all ready have a Forty hour or more job, better known as the union, when is this Government going to see that more taxes mean less jobs, and they keep calling for better Education, if this is the Education that is taught in Schools and Colleges, then we will keep falling farther behind other Countries.

It is time for the States to stop KISSING Federal ASS, and start helping the American people, and companies put a stop to the Federal DICTATORS, and get taxes down to where companies can get back to hiring, AND make THEM follow the law of the land that they SWORE to uphold.


By  Connie Hair

The House voted today to pass the $26 billion state bailout bill nearly that brought them back to town from August recess, nearly 18 months to the day after Democrats passed the first trillion-dollar “stimulus” bill.

The 247-161 Continue reading

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Teachers’ unions plan to rev up recess action to protect Democrats’ majority

By Bob L.
Tue. Aug. 10, 2010

I would still like to know why Public jobs are more important then private jobs when private jobs pays TAXES so Public can have jobs.

This Government should be investing in Private jobs before they bail out public jobs, they still don’t under stand that a public job does not produce a product, so what are they trying to sell, maybe what they are trying to sell is that they have a job when every one who makes a product does not.

The most important jobs are the first ones to be cut, and that is PUBLIC SAFETY, then the next Continue reading

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Why Not Start Lying off Federal Employees

By Bob L.

States, Cities, Counties LYING OFF, WHY?

Is that because the Federal Government is spending all the money and putting Americans out of work so they don’t have a tax base left to keep these local Governments running.

Why are they not lying off Federal Employees, if you read the Article below and see how many more Federal Employees are going to be hired just for Obamacare. Maybe Obama thinks that if he can get state Government Employment down then he will have more control over how the states will be run and put Federal agencies in charge of running the states (or no more state control).

Insert from article [ Within just a couple years, the law creates an astonishing 159 new boards and commissions. Among them? An Elder Justice Coordinating Council, an Office of Indian Men’s Health, and a Pregnancy Assistance Fund. There’s also a Patient-Centered Outcomes Research Institute, the Private Purchasing Council, and the Medicaid Emergency Psychiatric Demonstration Project. The list goes on and on.]
[AND other 16,000 to enforce OBAMACARE ]


Repealing Obamacare: Politically Feasible, Morally Urgent

By Sally C. Pipes

Missourians took a bold stand last Tuesday against Obamacare. Fully 71% of voters supported a ballot measure forbidding the government from requiring state residents to have health insurance. This so-called “individual mandate” is a crucial component of the new federal health law.

The Show-Me State’s vote comes on the heels of a federal judge’s decision to allow a Virginia lawsuit challenging the constitutionality of Obamacare to move forward.

The tide is turning against the President’s health-reform plan. Indeed, a recent Rasmussen poll found that nearly 60% of likely voters favor repealing Obamacare.

Americans can strike the death knell for this unpopular piece of legislation by kicking the Democrats out of Congress this fall and giving President Obama the boot in 2012. The next class of lawmakers must take immediate action to completely repeal Obamacare.

Incremental revisions just won’t do. This 2,400-page law is the biggest entitlement since the Great Society. A wide-ranging program that puts one-sixth of our economy in the hands of politicians and bureaucrats can’t be fixed through a little tinkering. Lawmakers need to scrap the measure in its entirety.

Time is of the essence. Obamacare works like a one-way ratchet. Dismantling the huge new bureaucracies established by the measure will be effectively impossible once they’ve taken root.

Within just a couple years, the law creates an astonishing 159 new boards and commissions. Among them? An Elder Justice Coordinating Council, an Office of Indian Men’s Health, and a Pregnancy Assistance Fund. There’s also a Patient-Centered Outcomes Research Institute, the Private Purchasing Council, and the Medicaid Emergency Psychiatric Demonstration Project. The list goes on and on.

Obamacare even increases the size of agencies not typically associated with health care. About 16,000 new IRS agents will be hired to enforce the individual mandate, file the reams of new paperwork required of small businesses, and collect new taxes.

And what a load of taxes there is. The law in 2012 whacks individuals with incomes above $200,000 and families with incomes above $250,000 with a new 3.8% Medicare tax on “unearned” income from interest, rent, capital gains, and dividends. Next year, Obamacare extracts billions in new tax revenue from drug companies and medical device firms. And it lowers the tax deduction people can take for catastrophic healthcare expenses.

That’s just the start. The law halves the amount of money Americans can put into tax-advantaged Flexible Spending Accounts for routine medical expenses. And folks with Health Savings Accounts are barred from spending the money in their tax-free accounts on over-the-counter medicines—even the sorts of allergy and antacid meds that are many times more expensive by prescription.

Once all these taxes and government agencies are in full force, thousands of government employees will be dependent on the continued expansion of Obamacare for their livelihood. They’ll fight tooth-and-nail against any legislation that compromises their paycheck. If lawmakers don’t eradicate these taxes before they’re fully in place, all those bureaucrats will be here to stay.

Obamacare is also designed to make Americans dependent on government for insurance. The law will require policies to contain a number of gold-plated benefits, like coverage for adult children and mandatory preventive care with no co-pays. These new mandates, of course, will make many existing insurance plans illegal.

As a result, many people will be forced off their existing coverage and will have to sign up through new government-run insurance exchanges. The plans sold on these exchanges will technically be provided by private providers but will be heavily regulated and subsidized. And Lynn Woolsey (D.-Calif.) has introduced an amendment to the Affordable Care Act that would, if passed, put the “public option,” the government insurance plan, back into play. Each state-run insurance exchange, starting in 2014, would have to include this option.

As the cost of insurance rises, Congress will face pressure to raise subsidies. Many Americans will get used to having other taxpayers foot the bill for ever-greater amounts of ever-more generous coverage.

This fall, Republicans will attempt to persuade the American people that they deserve to be put back in power. Exhibit A in their case should be a pledge to immediately repeal Obamacare. Scrapping the health-reform package in its entirety is the only way to prevent Obamacare from doing irreparable damage to the country.

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Government Drunk on Stupid

Ted NugentBy Ted Nugent

In these tough and turbulent economic times, we need to look for small things we can be thankful for.

For example, I am thankful President Obama is not a lifeguard, as I believe he would toss concrete blocks to drowning swimmers instead of life preservers.

Why do I believe that? His economic policies are drowning our economy, leaving many Americans unemployed or underemployed, and he knows it. Continue reading

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Cleveland Housing Judge Raymond Pianka requiring negligent property owners to pay victim restitution to neighbors

Sandra Livingston, The Plain Dealer Sandra Livingston, The Plain Dealer
Monday, August 02, 2010

Cleveland Housing Court Judge Raymond Pianka is ratcheting up the costs for absentee owners who spread the damage from the foreclosure crisis. They will have to pay neighbors for economic losses caused by their neglect.

Pianka plans to hold his first restitution hearings on the issue later this month.

The move comes as Cleveland’s lone housing judge contends with the fallout from the foreclosure mess.

A troubling number of homes have become vacant, neglected commodities bought and sold — often by out-of-state companies — for dirt-cheap prices and left to languish. That can undermine safety and nearby property values.

“What is happening there is certainly at the forefront of initiatives seeking to impose liability upon the owners of substandard properties Continue reading

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