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Your request is being processed… Al Sharpton: Glenn Beck Rally Distorts King’s Dream

By Bob L.
Here we go again, a racist group turning things around again trying to make it sound racist, and that Martin Luther King Jr, and blacks are the only ones that can talk and demonstrate at the Washington Monument, this is why we have the First Amendment.

(“They have a right to rally. But what they don’t have the right do is distort what Dr. King’s dream was about,” the Rev. Al Sharpton declared Friday.)

Look at who is DISTORTING KINGS DREAM, My opinion is every one who keeps throwing out the race card is a disgrace to KING and his  Speech, and this shows that they don’t care what he said, and they are doing any thing they can to keep RACISM active. If they really wanted to stop RACISM, they would they would try and help solve the problem, NOT stir up the problems like they do at the drop of the hat.

(Sharpton described the demonstration planned for Saturday by Beck and his supporters as an anti-government rally advocating states’ rights. And he said that goes against the message in King’s famous “I Have a Dream” speech, in which the civil rights leader appealed to the federal government to ensure equality.)

I don’t think King meant that the Federal Government should have full control of this Country, I take it as he was saying that HE wanted to see all Americans walking Hand in Hand, side by side, and not fighting each other, but I do believe the States should have more control over what they do and say in each State, not the Federal Government.

Today the Federal Government thinks that the States don’t have a say in how they run their state, THIS is called A DICTATOR GOVERNMENT.

WASHINGTON — On the eve of conservative commentator Glenn Beck’s rally at the Lincoln Memorial, a blogger’s assertion that parts of the nation’s capital should be avoided touched off accusations of racism and a sharp response by angry city leaders.

Thousands of tea party supporters were expected at the demonstration Saturday that Beck has called a “Restoring Honor” rally to show support of the country’s military at the site where Martin Luther King delivered his “I Have a Dream” speech 47 years ago to the day.

The location and timing prompted civil rights leaders to cry foul. Continue reading

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