Is this not Stupid?

By Bob L.

When I go to bed at night that is when I do stupid thinking, you see I did not go to College, boy is that not stupid or what, or is that Smart, well I got to thinking all bout this global warming thing and just can not come up with how it works.

Lets see now, if you turn on a light you get taxed, is that right or is it dumb, you use water out of the ground and that is taxed? Now to tax it that means that the GOVERNMENT owns it, this also gos for the Electricity that we use, now who owns that, the Government or the people who pay the utility company for the service, not the Government.

Lets see how can the Government charge you a tax on some thing THEY don’t own let alone the service that it provides, like Water, Sewer, Electricity, Gas, Oil, and other things.

Now lets get back to this thing they call global warming, who owns this, the GOVERNMENT or a PRIVATE Company,this is where it gets a little fussy, does the GOVERNMENT own this, or is this some thing that is COMMONLY known as WEATHER that no one owns or controls, is this right, if so, then NO ONE has the right to charge you a tax so that some PRIVATE person or persons can profit on, this sounds very much like a Government ponzi scheme that is ILLEGAL.

Now if this tax takes jobs away from the American people, then that money should go to the States to pay for UNEMPLOYMENT and MEDICAL, AND NO ONE SHOULD PROFIT FROM IT, because if you take jobs away from the American people then how are they going to pay for the MANDATORY Government Insurance, boy this Government is awful stupid, this is a COLLEGE education for you, nothing between the ears but dead space, or two bricks short of a cobble street.

Now lets go to College, if you go to college are you going to take a job lets say pushing a broom for minimum wage, or flipping burgers, see if every one gos to college then who is going to WORK in the FACTORIES, in the fields HARVESTING the CROPS, it WON’T be a college grad. because it will be below their EDUCATION, so there will be more lazy people to pay to sit around, so they are going to have to start teaching a better program in schools so students coming out will have a good Education when they Graduate from high school, that means schools will have to have more hands on training to keep kids in school and less testing and more teaching in school and let these kids learn some on the job training so they know what they want to do. you can’t teach kids what the world is like when all they do is TEST, TEST, AND more TEST, then send them home with so much home work that they want to quite school, how BRIGHT IS THAT.

Here are some articles to look at.,,5427974,00.html

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