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High-Profile CEO Exit Packages

By Bob L.

This just the tip of the iceberg of why this country has no jobs for the private Citizens, this is just to leave a company, HOW about their monthly pay, or to make it easy, by the year, by any chance do you think that we would have jobs in this country if the wages of Corporate exes. were TWO THIRDS less then what they are today.

Just think if they gave up all this pork they get, companies would not be on the bankruptcy list, and there would be plenty of jobs to go around for every one, but no they have to try to out others, ( better known as staying ahead of the JONES ).

Then if we ban Discrimination, and ban Discrimination claims for all Nationalities ( do your job and you will have a job, you whine and cry or think that they owed you that job, you are gone, NO RECOURSE, if you do your job then you have a job for life ) but you have to be qualified, some companies will train you on the job if you are willing to learn that job, but they will not JUST give it to you.

Companies won’t hire you, if they know that they are going to spend a lot of time in court for firing some one.


By Brooke Sopelsa
Thursday, August 12, 2010

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Hewlett-Packard’s former CEO Mark Hurd stepped down on Aug. 6 after a public relations nightmare involving falsified expense reports and sexual harassment allegations. He didn’t, however, leave empty handed. Hurd is walking away with a severance package worth more than $30 million. Continue reading

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