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Obama threw Snooki under the bus

By: David Freddoso
Online Opinion Editor

In our system, we don’t leave it up to states like Arizona to catch and then carelessly release illegal immigrants who came from terrorism-sponsor nations. That’s the feds’ job.

This is not the first time Rep. Maxine Waters, D-Calif., has helped out the bank in which her husband is a major investor.

Home equity loans: “The more money you borrowed, the less likely you will have to pay up.”

Obama lied, threw Snooki under the bus.

As if Joe Biden’s motorcade hasn’t caused enough accidents already — now his plane is getting into the act.

Having flipped off all New Yorkers figuratively for years while serving as mayor, David Dinkins gives one of them the finger at Charlie Rangel’s birthday party.

In my hometown, Rep. Joe Donnelly, D-Ind., keeps telling himself (and voters) that the Stupak executive order does something it does not.

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Gore Not Gracious in Defeat

By Bob L.

Who would not be up set if you saw Millions of dollars that were going up in flames in some thing you were pushing for to get more money then you could comprehend, but see this is how you make this type of money no matter how many people get hurt, in this case, it is the people of the United States except the rich who are going to profit from it.

If you want to see who is going to PROFIT, just see who is pushing for it, and will do what ever it takes do to get it pushed down the throats of the American and the Canadian people, and even the world.

These are the people who push for control of WORLD DOMINATION, better known as DICTATORS, because they think they are better then you because they went to College, and what they are telling you they never studied, but THEY went to COLLEGE!!!!

By Steven Milloy

Al Gore is a bitter man. In a conference call with his supporters Tuesday night, Gore all but conceded defeat over getting a climate bill out of Congress this year while unleashing a tirade against cap-and-trade’s opponents.

In a somber and seething voice, Gore told callers that, “this battle has not been successful and is pretty much over for this year.” He bitterly denounced the Senate and federal government stating several times, “the U.S. Senate has failed us” and “the federal government has failed us.” Gore even seemed to blame President Obama, emphasizing that “the government Continue reading

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