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What’s the Difference??????

What is the difference (in the U.S.) between all the Government agencies, the Financial Institutions, and business???

NOTHING, the money is still green to them, and they are still cutting it while the America working is trying to catch the clippings, but theĀ  U.S. Governments are burning the clippings before they hit the Ground, (better known as paying it to the rich first.)

What is the Difference between Obama, Democrats, and Obamacare???

NOTHING, they never read it, so they don’t know much it will cost, or what is in it. (That is because they are exempt from it and don’t care how much it will cost.)

What is the differance between Obama and Bush???

NOTHING Bush started the collapse and Obama is finishing it. (It actually started with Clinton, but Bush started the spending.)

What is the Difference between the democrats and the Republicans???

NOTHING, they cheat, lie, and don’t pay their taxes. and don’t go to jail when they break the LAW.

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