The Anti-Women Agenda of Hillary’s State Dept.

By Lori Ziganto

Secretary Hillary Clinton’s State Department has proven that the only 3:00 a.m. calls that they are willing to answer are calls that further a dangerously misguided progressive agenda.

During the presidential campaign, Hillary Clinton proudly proclaimed that she’d be “ready on day one,” but she neglected to mention that she’d only be ready to push dogmatic ideological movements.

Two examples in the past month alone attest to that fact. First, Hillary Clinton’s remarks regarding the G8 Summit in Canada last month and the plans discussed therein to address maternal health, including a high maternal and infant mortality rates in poor and developing countries:

On the agenda at the G8 summit in Canada was promoting maternal and infant health in the poorest parts of the globe. The high rates of maternal and infant mortality in many countries are an impediment to democracy and social development, to say nothing of a human tragedy for these communities. Commitments of resources from the G8 countries to address these problems should be welcomed and commended. Why, then, did the Obama delegation threaten to derail these agreements?

Clinton, when asked about Canada’s G8 plan to address infant and maternal health in the developing world, said the following: “You cannot have maternal health without reproductive health. And reproductive health includes contraception and family planning and access to legal, safe abortion.”

Anyone who is intellectually honest already understands this about the Left’s agenda. Everything is an agenda to them, a key component of which is favoring the right to an abortion. To them, the killing of the unborn can be justified as a cost-saving tool. Their pro-abortion agenda has cheapened life as something that can be tossed away at one’s convenience.

Hillary Clinton pays lips service to the idea that it “takes a village to raise a child,” but the consequences of her beliefs are that aborted children are eliminated from ever being able to join the village.

The Left’s racist and misogynistic tendencies were further on display in Hillary Clinton’s State Department with their utter disregard for the fact that Iran was appointed to the United Nation’s Commission on the Status of Women. The State Department had this to say:

“We’re not going to stand up and cheer,” a State Department official said. “By the same token, that is less onerous than the Human Rights Council because women in Iran, relative to other countries in the region, actually have greater rights.”

Oh, well. As long as you don’t cheer. After all, its only women whose rights are being violated. Women in Muslim societies who can be lashed for bearing an ankle or stoned to death for violating Islamic tenets.

Stoning to death is no big whoop to Obama’s State Department, either as evidenced by their repugnant statement regarding Sakineh Mohammadie Ashtiani. Ashtiani has been sentenced to death by stoning in Iran, for the crime of adultery. Her confession, which she retracted, was only obtained after she had received 99 lashes in front of her 17-year-old child. Her testimony, as is the law in Iran, only counted for half as much as a man’s. What did our State Department say about this?

“We have grave concerns that the punishment does not fit the alleged crime,” Assistant Secretary of State P.J. Crowley said. “For a modern society such as Iran, we think this raises significant human rights concerns.”

Calling Iran’s judicial system “disproportionate” in its treatment of women, Crowley said, “From the United States’ standpoint, we don’t think putting women to death for adultery is an appropriate punishment.”

The old “grave concerns.” Much like the “deeply concerned” line that President Obama used during the Iranian election protests when Neda was killed, shot dead in cold blood in the middle of the street. Further, it’s not an “appropriate punishment”? So, those adultering strumpets should be punished, but maybe not quite by stoning to death.

Meanwhile, Obama is using NASA as “space-achievement” Viagra for Muslim males worldwide. His administration, including his State Department, are not too worried about the stoned women though.

The Left has no moral compass. They are about furthering agendas, even if those agendas are misogynistic under the guise of tolerance and appeasement. The agendas are more important to them than actual human beings.

Condoning such actions is not embracing multi-cultural tolerance, but rather it is embracing evil. It is not only condoning that evil and outright barbarism, but it is actually complicit in its perpetuation.

I don’t think that the women who are told that they should be denied healthcare aid until the funding of the killing of their unborn is promoted, nor the women who are tortured and beaten and stoned to death merely for being women feel appeased.

I’d ask Hillary’s State Department to answer that question at 3:00 a.m. But, quite clearly, they’d send me to voice mail, as they do to all women who don’t fit their misogynistic view.

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