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Healthcare Rationing Enthusiast To Receive Recess Appointment

By Bob L.

Has any one noticed that Obama breaks or sides steps a lot of laws that benefit him so he can pass laws with out going through congress

By Connie Hair

An email from the Republican Policy Committee informed last night that President Obama intends a recess appointment today of Don Berwick to head the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS), a move to sidestep what would most certainly be an ugly confirmation process.

Berwick is a big fan of Britain’s health care rationing… Continue reading

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Embarrassingly Stupid Americans, the Video!

By Bob L.
July 7, 2010

I have been saying all along that people in this Country are so rapped up in them selves that they could care less what happens in this Country, I have said that people in this Country can’t stop looking in the mirror to see what is happening to this Country, and people in this country today have no clue about our HOLIDAYS and what they represent, except to go out and drink and party, and here is the PROOF:

And just think these are the people that are going along with every thing that our Government wants, well keep it up and you will definitely lose you freedom and your jobs.

And they say they have a good education system, maybe before 1960.

Jason MatteraBy Jason Mattera

I could’ve also titled this piece “Cringe-Worthy” and “Mind-Numbingly Painful to Watch.” Um, the video you’re about to see is that awful for two reasons: 1) It’s a clear reminder that we’re losing our ethos and heritage as a country and 2) Wow, oh wow, our education system is quite the disaster. So here’s the deal: On the cusp of the Fourth of July, late-night comedian Jay Leno filmed one of his usual “Jaywalking” segments, this time testing the historical knowledge Continue reading

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