Why Obama Can’t Plug That Damn Hole

By Fortune Dale

He’s in charge. Yup, our fearless leader and his minions of public-sector organizers who have the job of cleaning up the massive mess in the gulf. An administration built on people that Ayn Rand would call second-handers.

Individuals who have risen to power based on the ability to bring people together for the sole reason of bringing people together. These are people who feed off the success of others. They use any means necessary to give you “Hope” but they can’t “Change” a thing.

President Obama cannot plug the hole or clean up the spill or administer reparations to those who have lost work because he has never been in charge of anything that required results.

A campaign doesn’t produce anything but people’s opinions. A crisis on the other hand requires results. It means someone has to make a hard decision. It means there must be accountability and a plan. Speeches and snow cones don’t clean oil-soiled pelicans. Pointing fingers at the evil corporation that employed thousands in the same community affected by the spill does not get fisherman back to work. Demonizing BP and blaming Bush just makes the crisis worse and proves how ill equipped this administration of community organizers is.

We learn a lot about people during a time of crisis. We learned that the President loves golfing. Since the oil spill began, he found plenty of time to hit the links (eight times in 70 days), sing-a-long with an American-hating Beatle, catch 21-yr-old pitching phenom Strasburg play his White Sox and oh yeah—put a massive halt on drilling in the gulf that is costing nearly $300 million a month in lost profit for the citizens in the region. Now that’s what I call a leader.

Obama criticizes BP, while not realizing the more he taints the public opinion of BP like the oil infects the sands of Louisiana, the less profit BP can make, therefore creating an impossible situation for BP to pay those in need. Without future profits, all those people whose livelihoods have been destroyed have nowhere to go to get cash. Oh wait, not true, the taxpayers will foot the bill.

The only reason companies are forced to do offshore drilling so far out in the ocean is because the environmentalists forced them out there. Now they’re so far out, drilling so deep, that when a crisis happens it is nearly impossible to fix. Great plan!

Speaking of environmentalists, don’t forget energy reform. President Obama cannot plug that hole, because if he does, then all his support to overhaul our energy policy will have no enemy. He needs the villain of big oil. How can he justify raising taxes and expanding government control if the oil isn’t leaking? He can’t claim urgency like he did with healthcare without the open wound in the gulf. Please “Hope” the American people won’t be duped again.

The biggest reason the President is completely incapable of stopping the largest environmental disaster in American history is because then he would have to abandon all his ideologies. He would have to embrace individual minds who actual know how to fix and create things. He would have to lean on people who are not government workers. He would have to find experts who don’t get elected and aren’t part of advisory panels. He would have to rely on the creators, not the second-handers. And since he feels all those types of people are the enemy, he has no idea how to extend his arm from this oily mess and get a life-line from the individuals he hates the most.

If you’ve never run anything before, then maybe President of the greatest country on earth isn’t where you get your feet wet. And Mr. President, watch where you step, the oil isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.

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