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The Housing-Market Recession Is Not Over

By Amy Hoak
Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Why you shouldn’t be overly optimistic about real estate right now

After years of hearing how home prices are plummeting and foreclosures are mounting, consumers want to feel hopeful about the housing market — but maybe they’re being too optimistic.

In a presentation to the National Association of Real Estate Editors in Austin, Texas, last week, Continue reading

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True Veterans Not Phonies

By Bob L.
Wed. June 9, 2010

Tuesday I watched a good program on Public TV and was I impressed with this group they had on as a special, there were four people on there saying they were Veterans who got together, I thought Yaaa right, well after seeing people who miss represent them selves so you will buy their product just to profit, you get to be skeptical, well after watching I was wrong, see for your self, they call them selves 4 Troops, and for what they are doing I do believe they have their heart where it belongs, helping VETERANS.

Today you see so many say that they are veterans, but you check into their back grounds and a lot of them never left the U.S. because of a gold spoon, and then you have some that could not get in but did a lot for our troops, so they could be called a veteran even though they were not on the front lines, but what they did you could say they were on the front lines here at home.

Now you have Veterans that were not on the front lines but were just as much in harms way as if they were on the front lines.

Don’t for get here at home we have others that all so risk their lives every day, SO when it come to these HOLIDAYS don’t for get to honor POLICE and FIRE PERSONAL along with our MILITARY PERSONAL from all branches of military who fight for FREEDOM.

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US employment report sparks global recovery fears

By Bob L.
Sun. June 6

Any one who believes the crap that Obama and the Democrats are shoveling, are in it just as much as they are, and need to buy some hip boots.

The real truth is that this country is on the verge of another crash, but they don’t want to admit it because then they would end up with egg on their face and show that they are not qualified to run this
Country, and every time they open their mouth it shows how much they have brought this Country down thinking that they can run every thing.

At this point the Government thinks they own this Country, when if you have not noticed, the Government is the problem in this Country and all our problems, the Government is suppose to enforce the laws of the land, and not make laws for their benefit and big Business.
By Andrew Beatty
Fri Jun 4

WASHINGTON (AFP) – A weaker-than-expected report on US job creation has shown employers are still reluctant to hire new workers, and has heightened fears of a faltering economic recovery.

In figures that fell well short of expectations — sending markets across the world plummeting — the Labor Department said 431,000 posts were created in May, most of them temporary government jobs for this year’s census. Continue reading

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White House Memo Makes Offer-gate into a Scandal

Posted by Mark Impomeni
Thursday, June 3rd

“There is a cancer on the presidency. It has been growing daily for the past three months. It’s compounding, it grows geometrically now because it compounds itself. And there is no assurance that it won’t bust.”

Former White House Counsel John Dean spoke those words to President Richard Nixon almost 40… Continue reading

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Obama’s ‘Chicago Way’ Plunders the Private Sector

Michael BaroneBy Michael Barone

An interesting thing about Barack Obama is that he chose, on two occasions, to live in Chicago — even though he didn’t grow up there, had no family ties there, never went to school there.

It was a curious choice. Chicago has a civic culture all its own and one that is particularly insular. Family ties and personal connections are hugely important. Professionals who have lived and worked there for a quarter-century are brusquely reminded, “You’re not from here.” Continue reading

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Arizona: Read Our Immigration Law!

By Bob L

Whats the problem, no one in this Country knows what they are doing, so they let every one else tell them what to do.

Like they say it all starts at the top, or SHIT rolls down hill

So what’s the confusion? Why are they so “disturbed,” yet can’t find time to read a simple law? Something any first-year law student knows to do before making a legal argument.

By Randy Pullen

President Obama, Atty. Gen. Eric Holder, Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano and the list goes on, acknowledge that they have not read SB 1070. The now internationally famous 10-page Arizona law, which essentially says that Arizona law-enforcement officials have a right and a duty to enforce federal immigration laws and… Continue reading

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It’s Wrong to Blame Arizona

When we have people like this running our Country, it scars me a lot that this could be the end of it.

By Rep. Ted Poe

America is a nation founded on the rule of law, not the rule of men. That’s why we have a Constitution and not a king. Law must apply to everybody and it must apply equally, regardless of race, color, or creed. People don’t get to pick and choose which laws are enforced. They don’t get to decide which laws they like and which ones they don’t. Continue reading

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