Follow the Money

Ted NugentBy Ted Nugent

It’s easy to understand why Mexico President Felipe Calderon spoke out against Arizona’s new immigration law, if you follow the money.

Illegal immigrants in America send roughly $1 billion in untaxed U.S. dollars a month back to Mexico. Without this money, Mexico would collapse. Oh wait a minute, Mexico is collapsed, which is why Mexico is worse off than Detroit and that Mexicans want to get the hell out of Mexico.

What is ironic is that Mexico enforces the same basic immigration law on its Southern border with Guatemala as Arizona’s new immigration law, which few in the Obama Administration have actually read, but are vehemently opposed to even though Arizona’s immigration law is actually not as stringent as the federal government’s immigration law which no one in Obama Administration wants to enforce.

The reason the Obama Administration does not want to enforce our immigration laws is that they want to make Democratic slaves (voters) of these illegal immigrants by granting them amnesty. When President Calderon addressed Congress and condemned Arizona’s immigration law, the Democrats stood and applauded. Watching that ugly spectacle was a sad and embarrassing moment for America.

Unlike the Obama Administration and the Democrats in Congress, the majority of Americans support Arizona’s new law and believe illegal immigration is a problem that will not be solved by granting millions of illegals undeserved legal status. Just like healthcare reform, the Obama Administration is once again grossly out-of-step with logic and the American people as it pertains to illegal immigration.

Reasonable people can debate what to do about immigration, but what is an undeniable truth is that illegal immigration is wreaking financial havoc on the American healthcare system, already bloated and wasteful social welfare programs and criminal justice systems in border states, and, as always, the American taxpayers are getting stuck with this very expensive bill.

Sticking American taxpayers with the bill for illegal immigration because Fedzilla (the federal government) does not want to enforce our immigration laws is condemnable and arrogant. Don’t forget this when you enter the voting booth this November and forever more.

If we can put a man on the moon we can surely stop the invasion of illegal immigrants pouring across our porous border. What our federal government lacks is the political will to stop the invasion.

Make no mistake, we have been invaded by 10 million to 15 million illegals and we have virtually done nothing to stop it. And we are a supposedly a nation that believes in the rule of law? Yeah, and I play lead banjo in a Hee Haw documentary.

Just because there are people such as myself who believe we should enforce our immigration laws and who support Arizona’s immigration law does not make us racists or jingoists as some racists and jingoists try to portray us to be. Attempting to smear someone as being racist when they are not is real and vicious racism on parade for everyone to witness.

I have no problem whatsoever with the Mexican people. My phenomenal bass player, Marco Mendoza, is Mexican. Like Marco and everyone who craves the American Dream, if I lived in Mexico I would do whatever I could to escape that Third World hell-hole to provide a better life for my family. But I’m not a Mexican. I’m an American.

What I take umbrage with are those who believe we should open our borders and virtually allow anyone in America. If you want more illegals in America, just provide the ones already here with legal status. Wrong approach.

Not only does illegal immigration tremendously impact our social services, but I also believe, and statistics prove, that our porous Southern border is an open invitation for any terrorist punk to walk into America carrying a chemical, biological or other weapon of mass destruction.

Fedzilla has one primary responsibility to the American people: Protect our borders and keep our people safe. So far, so bad. It is time for we the people to raise a new level of hell, demanding our government perform its duties and take whatever means necessary to stop the invasion. Fences, National Guard and orders to halt the law breakers. Now would be a good time.

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