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Remembering Victims of Communism

By John Howting

Wreaths bearing the names of every former Soviet satellite and Communist nation surrounded the podium where the names of individuals who lost their lives to oppressive Communist regimes were read. The victims’ family members sat stoically before the podium.

As mid-morning traffic buzzed around the crowded corner of Massachusetts and New Jersey Avenues in Washington, D.C., many people strayed from their daily commute to watch the activities. The Victims Continue reading

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Follow the Money

Ted NugentBy Ted Nugent

It’s easy to understand why Mexico President Felipe Calderon spoke out against Arizona’s new immigration law, if you follow the money.

Illegal immigrants in America send roughly $1 billion in untaxed U.S. dollars a month back to Mexico. Without this money, Mexico would collapse. Oh wait a minute, Mexico is collapsed, which is why Mexico is worse off than Detroit and that Mexicans want to get the hell out of Mexico. Continue reading

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